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Автор: OskarPotocki
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Extreme Desert - RimWorld мод (изображение 2)
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Extreme Desert - RimWorld мод (изображение 3)
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Extreme Desert - RimWorld мод (изображение 4)
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Extreme Desert - RimWorld мод (изображение 5)
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Extreme Desert - RimWorld мод (изображение 6)
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Extreme Desert - RimWorld мод (изображение 7)
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Extreme Desert - RimWorld мод (изображение 8)

Описание на русском языке

Vanilla Animals Expanded — это целая серия модов, посвященная животным. Каждый из модов этой серии содержит в себе свои индивидуальные наборы животных, каждый из которых игрок может подключать в свою игру по своему усмотрению.

Конкретно в этой части серии модов «Vanilla Animals Expanded — Extreme Desert» игрокам предлагается добавить в свою игру 3 новых животных (змея, скорпион и верблюд), ориентированных на пустыню (но добавляемых этим модом животных можно будет встретить и в других биомах).

Мод дружелюбен к ванильной версии игры — это касается графики (текстур), звуков и баланса.

Мод совместим с A Dog Said, но для корректной работы потребуется установить патч LBE’s A Dog Said Easy Patcher и загрузить его в порядке загрузки модов после этого мода.

Мод можно безопасно добавить или удалить из существующих сохранений.

Description in English


Creating an animal pack for the extreme desert was tricky — I didn’t want to take away from the challenge this biome provides — the animals that reside here are supposed to be tough, scarce and difficult to kill. This mod adds 2 new venomous animals, both heavily requested — rattlesnake, with a very strong venom, and a megascorpion, little armored insect with a venomous sting. The last animal is a camel, based on bactrian camels — a two-humped version of dromedary, which can also be milked, sheared for wool and can be used as a pack animal.

Vanilla Animals Expanded is a modular mod. It means it will come out in several modules allowing people to subscribe to only the animals they want in the game. This part is the Extreme Desert biome expansion. It adds 3 new animals that will spawn in the Extreme Desert, but some of them also spawn in other biomes. They have vanilla artwork, sounds and balancing.

Know Issues

There shouldn’t be any incompatibilities or issues, but in case anything pops up, report issues in the comments.


Do the animals spawn randomly in biomes?

Yes, all these animals are guaranteed to spawn in Extreme Desert biome, with some of them also spawning in other biomes.

Is X a pack animal?

Camel is a pack animal, which can also be milked and sheared for camel wool like a normal dromedary.

Why is X animal white?

It’s only white as a texture, but ingame, code applies colour to it. It’s a little trick that mod authors do to have a bit more control over how an animal looks.

Can I suggest a feature?

Absolutely, leave a comment down below!

Will you keep updating the mod with new animals?

No. I will focus on other modules, adding different animals for different biomes, but this workshop submission is completed.

Is this mod compatibile with A Dog Said?

Yes. You need A Dog Said and LBE’s A Dog Said Easy Patcher loaded before this mod.

Why is your mod special?

I am a vanilla player. Anything that doesn’t suit vanilla game makes me cringe and I stay away from it. I did however find the game lacking after some time, therefore I’ve created these animals to be as accurate and as close to vanilla graphics style as possible. What is special? The best part is — nothing in this mod is special at all. Nothing will make you go «Oh that’s unusual», because the whole purpose of this mod is to blend into the existing game.

Is this mod save game compatible?

Yes, you can add it and remove it whenever you like.

Can you add /this/ animal?

Chances are it’s probably already in the works as part of another biome. Please, stay vigilant and be patient. I’m just a human.

Combat Extended compatible?

It will be soon, with a following mod being a patch for it: Vanilla Animals Expanded — Patch Pack.

Legal Stuff

  • Graphics are created by me, Oskar Potocki.
  • Rimworld is owned by Tynan Sylvester.
  • (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

Steam ID: 1849184079.

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