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Автор: Uuugggg
TD Enhancement Pack - RimWorld мод (изображение 2)
TD Enhancement Pack - RimWorld мод (изображение 3)
TD Enhancement Pack - RimWorld мод (изображение 4)
TD Enhancement Pack - RimWorld мод (изображение 5)
TD Enhancement Pack - RimWorld мод (изображение 6)
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TD Enhancement Pack - RimWorld мод (изображение 25)

Описание на русском языке

Мод, под названием «TD Enhancement Pack», добавляет в игру RimWorld целую кучу улучшений интерфейса или просто крошечных улучшений игрового процесса, т.е. этот мод представляет из себя набор функций для улучшения взаимодействия с игровым миром. Работу почти всех функций можно регулировать в настройках мода. Функции мода распространяются на следующие категории:

  • Области, оверлеи, различные улучшения в игре, изменения, связанные с цветом вещей, с пользовательским интерфейсом и с отображаемой в игре информацией, изменения ИИ и его поведения и т.д.

Description in English

A whole bunch of UI enhancements or tiny improvements.

Most things can be toggled on/off in settings. Features that only add a little UI or don’t really change how the game works will default on, but features that change how something works will default off (maybe something that is an unarguable improvement will default on).

Area/Zone things

  • A Match Grow button, to add a growing zone and only add matching terrain.
  • Zone/Stockpile size count, accounting fertility. Empty/Fully grown plant count.
  • Area editing: can be reordered, recolored, cleared, and copy/pasted in the area manager:
    • Home/Roof area can be pasted into another area by right-clicking the paste icon
    • Clicking the area name in the manager jumps to adding to the area.
    • Unlimited number of areas (Since Area Unlocker isn’t compatible with other area features).
  • Areas are tagged for Colonist or Animal and don’t show up as selectable when not tagged:
    • (Dropdown menu isn’t affected, that code was much nastier and I never use that menu anyway)
    • Colony Manager is also patched to respect the tag.
  • Make an area named ‘Never Home‘ and the area will never be added to the Home Area.
  • Make an area named ‘Slaughter‘ and animals will only be slaughtered in that zone.
  • Cleaner zone edges (and range indicators). The corners are filled in now, and it’s so sad how it used to look in retrospect.
  • A button to toggle harvestable on growing zones / Hydroponics.


  • Overlays, overlays, overlays:
    • Terrain buildability.
    • Building coverage (e.g. trade beacons, moisture pumps, and all traps show IED).
    • Terrain fertility.
    • Harvest progress.
    • Lighting.
    • Beauty.
    • Walk speed.
  • Overlays Auto-show when tools are selected. Additional auto-only overlays:
    • Smoothing stone.
    • Placing Wind Turbines shows wind blockers.
    • Placing Geothermal generators shows vent locations.
    • Chopping Wood shows tree growth.

Game Improvements

  • A Sarcophagus is preferred over graves for dead colonists (simply by setting default to Critical).
  • When you start a new game, auto-rebuild is checked on.
  • Caravans auto-add anything that is selected on the map when the caravan dialog is opened.
  • Caravans remember their list when closed/re-opened (also transport pods).
  • Deep Drilling for rocks gets you a variety of rocks (that are available on the map ; usually it got the only same rock).
  • Blueprints can be placed with any material: right-click the building tool to choose the stuff.
  • Trade requests take your least valuable items first (still requiring normal quality).
  • Transport pods re-build after launch.
  • Count Equipped works for any bill.

UI / Info

  • Colonist table selection is like normal selection — highlights the selected colonists, shift-click to select more, and doesn’t close the tab when you click a name.
    • There’s also an arrow pointing to the person the mouse is over.
  • Selection info panel has a button to zoom to selected things.
  • Level-up arrows indicate skill learning in Character Tab.
  • Penoxycyline text is green under body conditions: it’s a good thing!
  • Drop Pods tell you what dropped.
  • The mouseover info can be put on the top right so it’s not covered by the ‘selected’ infobox.
  • Trade and negotiation dialogs can pause the game after closing.
  • Shift-click the time controls to cancel the forced slow-down during a battle.
  • A little icon to show research is in progress.
  • Resource readout saved with the savefile so it remembers which categories to open.
  • Option to hide the toggle buttons at the bottom-right.
  • Alerts:
    • Deterioration alert for things that are low on HP — forbid them to ignore it.
    • No bills set up for a workbench.
    • Heatstroke, toxic buildup reaching concerning levels.
    • Wind blocked.
    • Added Map name to Food/Medicine alerts.
  • Trade windows can sort by «Value per kg».
  • A button in the outfit/food window to copy a policy (instead of just making a new, blank one).
  • A toggle button to show the power net.

AI and behavior changes

  • Sleeping enemies won’t be targeted by your pawns (while undrafted).
  • A stop button for your pawns. Because, sometimes you want them to stop.
  • Colonists will stop fleeing immediately when danger is gone.
  • Colonists will dodge grenades even when drafted. Of course this interrupts their action.
  • Also dodging enemy grenades, and you can even have enemies dodge your grenades.
    • This can be disabled if a shield belt is worn.
  • Colonists can grab items from adjacent storage buildings without the need to walk on top of the item. Essentially, shelves have a new feature: «colonists can grab things from adjacent tiles», making them functionally better at storage than stockpiles. This’ll speed up crafting lots of small items with an adjacent shelf for ingredients. And this’ll work for any modded storage (of type Building_Storage)

Color Variation

  • Color variation! A few fixes, and new features. Applies to apparel.
    • Fixes coloring of things made from steel ending up while (flak vests).
    • Chance to create things with pre-defined color sets, like you see with raider armor.
    • A universal, small color variation — so every devilstrand shirt you make isn’t the exact same color of red.


  • Camera panning with middle-mouse is better, the map follows the mouse instead of zipping around.
  • Zoom To Mouse (works with Camera+), shift to zoom to center.
  • Frames can’t be deconstructed, only canceled: deconstruction would return less materials.
  • Restore all settings has a confirmation dialog, and saves a backup of /Config folder.

Update news is in-game (if you use HugsLib but apparently everyone does).

Steam ID: 1339135272.

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