[T] MoreFloors - RimWorld мод

Автор: Telkir

Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет широкий выбор новых напольных покрытий для украшения вашей колонии.



  • Исправление багов.

Description in English

Adds a wide selection of new flooring to decorate your colony with.

  • Six new styles of wooden flooring (plus straw floors for that barn feel).
  • Five new styles of stone flooring in all five stone colours (for a total of 25 new stone floors).
  • Eight styles of chequered stone floor in various combinations.
  • Six new carpet colours — orange, yellow, turquoise, purple, black, and white.
  • New chequered style of carpeting in all colours.
  • New style of wool carpeting in all colours, requiring woven wool from the new loom workbench.
  • Two end-game floors for larger colonies built with plasteel and jade.

Note: The new types of stone flooring only become available to build once the Stonecutting research project has been completed, while the added carpets require Carpet Making (although the wool loom can be built without).

Save & Mod Compatibility

MoreFloors should be safe to use with all existing vanilla saves. If you already use Fluffy’s Stuffed Floors then you don’t need to also load MoreFloors.


If you find that MoreFloors makes your architect menu too cluttered for your liking, or you want to be able to build the new floor styles using stuffs added through other mods, consider checking out Fluffy’s Stuffed Floors mod instead of MoreFloors as a complete replacement. It includes all of my new flooring styles at the expense of stripping some of the individual floor features (such as unique work to make / materials required / beauty for wood and stone floors).


  • Many thanks to Proxyer for creating a Japanese translation of MoreFloors.
  • Thanks also to CANALETA for their translation to Latin American Spanish.
  • And thanks as well to Luigi_C for their translation to Simplified Chinese.

Steam ID: 1543561093.

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