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Автор: Revy
Storage Crates - RimWorld мод (изображение 2)
Storage Crates - RimWorld мод (изображение 3)

Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет в игру RimWorld новые ящики для хранения ресурсов.

Description in English

Mod Description (WIP)

Storage Crates is a mod focused on compact and neat stockpiling of bulk resources. The basic structure is you build 6 steel crate plates, then assemble the 6 steel crate plates plus your stack of 75 of any resource (500 for gold/silver) and produce the crate.

1 bench of each type is all that is needed, there is a toggle switch on the bench to switch modes. You then can stack the crates in a stockpile like any other item and they stack to 75. For a total of 5625 of a non-currency resource on a single tile.

You can also pack meat/veggies into a canned meal that does not spoil. You can then even pack the meat/veggie cans into a crate for storage too.

Crates Process

  • Raw Resources + Machining Table = Steel Crate Plates.
  • Steel Crate Plates + Full single stack of resources + Packing Bench = 1 single crate of that resource.

Food Can Process

  • Raw Resources + Machining Table = Steel Plates.
  • Steel Crate Plates + Machining Table = Can, Can + Butcher Table + 5 meat or veggies = Meal Can.

Meat Packing Process

  • Any Raw Meat + Butcher Table «Prepair Meat» = Processed Meat.
  • Processed Meat (75) + 6 Steel Crate Plates = 1 Processed Meat Crate.


If you get any weird strangeness with the mod such as recipe cost issues or dismantle return issues, it is found to be a steam workshop sync issue.

To fix this please try the following:

  1. Please unsub from the mod, go into your steam folder: Steam > steamapps > workshop > content > 294100.
  2. If there is a folder inside named 756216922, Please delete it.
  3. Resub to the mod to redownload all the files.
  4. If this fails to fix the problem you can obtain the mod directly.

Alternatively after you download the mod and still having issues you can try copying the mod files from the forum post into the mentioned folder 756216922 and overwrite.

Special thanks

  • Special thanks to Nasikabatrachus for the original idea.
  • Developement: 1.0: Nirahiel, 1.0+: l2evy.
  • Textures: 1.0: mrofa, 1.0+: l2evy.
  • *Updated for Rimworld 11b>15c+ and now maintained by: l2evy.
  • Russian Language support by Bugo via GitHub.

Steam ID: 756216922.

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