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Автор: ModiOperandus

Описание на русском языке

Два деловых партнера пытаются пробиться в непростой мир RimWorld Caravanning. Имея на руках скудные стартовые ресурсы, сумеете ли вы поднять свой бизнес так, чтобы он охватывал все части текущей планеты?

Тип фракции: Поселение.

Количество: 2 человека.

Возраст: от 17 до 22 лет.

Прибытие в спасательных капсулах.

  • Основы микроэлектроники
  • Все значения параметра «улучшение торговой цены» в мире будут установлены в размере 20%

Происшествие создано:

  • Орбитальный торговец
  • Торговый запрос
  • Требование выкупа

Начальные ресурсы:

  • Сухой паёк х30
  • Серебро х28
  • Сталь х1200
  • Древесина х300
  • Револьвер х2
  • Нож из пластали
  • Медикаменты х30
  • Компонент х20
  • Случайный питомец х1
  • Рубашка из ткани х144
  • Торговый маяк

Description in English

Two business partners try to make their way in the rough and tumble world of Rimworld Caravanning. With your meager starting resources grow your fledgling business into a planet spanning cartel.


Sometimes the smallest change in fortune can lead to greatness. For the two in this tale, that small twist of fortune came in the form of a box of shirts. Cloth Button-Down Shirts.

It all started with a promise and a lie. The two heroes of this tale were up late one night commiserating at a dive bar about the monotony of their lives. Both agreed, they wish they were in business for themselves, rather than serving to further someone else’s ambitions. They vowed to take a stand. They promised that the next opportunity that came along, regardless of what it was, they would quit their day jobs and pursue it fully— «come fortune or death».

That opportunity was no more than 5 minutes away. A man in the corner of the bar, Jimmy, had overheard the two and saw his own window. He offered them in on the business deal of a lifetime. For a very reasonable fee, he would give them his uncle’s old business, the Rimworld Trading Company. Jimmy claimed his uncle had retired on his immense fortune and handed over the business to him as his closest living relative. Jimmy went on to explain that he didn’t have the knack for business that his uncle had, but a couple young opportunists like the two here, well they might just have what it takes. This story was a complete fabriКотion of course.

Well, mostly. There actually was an uncle. And he did own the Rimworld Trading Company, once. But he was not a successful business man. In fact, before shutting down operations he liquidated his entire inВентиляцияory except for a gross of button down shirts. And the former Trading Company HQ was knocked down for scrap Сталь. And Jimmy’s uncle’s retirement, well that came in the form of being hauled off one night by a group of raiders.

These are the details the two might have asked about further, but being several drinks passed their limit already, they were easily conned.

The next morning, the two found themselves with nearly all their savings drained, several outgoing messages telling their respective bosses where to stick it, a scrap of paper with coordinates for some backwater planet on the rim and the title to the Rimworld Trading Company. Down and out with no other prospects, they decide to set out for those coordinates. Come fortune or death.

Steam ID: 932994219.

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