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Автор: pgames-food
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Описание на русском языке

Мод, под названием «RimSide Recycling» (RimSide переработка), добавляет в игру ряд новых предметов, исследований и строений, связанных с переработкой мусора. Теперь игроку будут доступны для использования различные новые инструменты, которые позволят заниматься переработкой мусора и созданием новых предметов из этого переработанного мусора.

Description in English

The main idea for this mod is to introduce elements of Recycling and Re-usability to the game, where some easier research allows unwanted Trash or Junk items to be dismantled and smelted down, or re-used with further research to make a profit….all while hopefully enriching our games of rimworld 🙂

If you like recycling, and variety, or just more ways to get access to more resources and materials which your base is needing, (and a touch of humour with a few of the items), then hopefully this mod will work great when added to your existing or new game, and currently also includes some patches for those who play with Genetic Rim too, so that you can make some Organic Pulp or other Genes a bit more cheaply 🙂

  • Did you find some empty beer bottles with leftover beer? Extract a little beer out of each one, and then you re-brew the leftovers into a small RimBrew beer which gives a little mood buff.
  • Did you find some leftover aftershave bottles with a bit left in the bottle? you can extract and mix it with chemfuel, to make an After Shave Sample for a small mood buff.
  • Have you now got empty and cracked glass bottles? you can smelt them into Glass Ingots for trading, or for making glass sculptures 🙂
  • Do you have lots of plastic waste, now you can use it to make Paved Tiles slightly cheaper by substituting some of the ingredients with plastic waste. (just like in real life).
  • The possibilities are endless (almost) :o)

This way, when players are running out of a particular resource, they can quickly research Level 1 for Wood Recycling, and then can turn some broken wooden items back into usable wood.

The same could be for a ‘PenKnife with Wooden Handle’, and the player could simply research Level 1 for smelting the whole knife because they need steel, but if they wait a bit to unlock Level 2 research, they can recover both the Wood and the Steel. (each research is mainly only 1000 combined, so Level 1 might be 400 and Level 2 costs 600, with some variation)

How Do I Get Junk in my Trunk? :o)

Traders will sometimes sell Junk and Trash, in the form of «Themed Trash Boxes».

Each of these «Trash Boxes» has a theme, such as «Glitter World Garden Waste, or «Night-Club Trash», or «Medical Triage Station Supplies», and the player can open them to randomly find «Bin Bags» with random items for that theme.

For example, when the Night Club Trash Box is opened, it will give out a few random Bin Bags from various rooms of the Night Club, such as from the Bath Room, Kitchen, Security/Dj room, and the Drinks Bar. Each of those bins will have something from that room. (such as the Kitchen having more Food items, and the Bar having more Beer Bottles, and the Security room having more electronic and tech items).

Without going into too many spoilers here, ive tried to add enough descriptive text to each actual Item, Recipe, and Research area to help guide players with what can be done with the items, in hopefully a logical way. There is also a special RimSide Recycling Trader who specialises in most Trash-related items, and also buys more of the small stuff that some players may not need to reprocess yet, to free up space in your base — but if you can manage your stockpiles, and plan a little ahead, even the items which seem to have little value, can actually turn into something better, or more profitable).

Every themed box will have its own main category, under RimSide Recycling, so that all Night Club related items can be placed in a stockpile, simply by ticking the Night Club category, but each item can be selected individually if you prefer, and also has a resource count indicator on the left readout area which pops up more info if you mouse over an icon, (expandable and contractable for each theme too).

Please remember, while there are some chances of finding some good, working, and profitable items, the main concept is about junk recycling, so anything that you find which is broken, can still be re-processed in some way, or used to repair other broken items…it is just that some things will need a quick research, and most of the more efficient recipes or profitable items will be unlocked with level 2 research (but its mainly about converting junk into more materials, but also allows for some money-making, and trading).

3 of the Themed Trash Boxes are ready to use now (and i hope to be able to add more with updates, usually when another themed box is completed with all its items and recipes, i can add it to the game, so that the extra theme will have everything it needs, without affecting the existing content, so please feel free to play as it is quite a big mod so far and ready to play. I’ll also try and add a few extra recipes for existing items, when a new themed box is ready, just to add some more options for the player, but i will try to not change much of the existing recipes so things keep working). 🙂

This is my largest mod so far, and currently there are about 10 themed boxes planned, but most of the items end up as Organics, Tech, Plastics, Glass, Woods, Metals, Chemfuel Liquids, and Packaged Items.

Ready and Included = «Night Club Trash Box» + «Off-World Medical Triage Station» + «Glitter-world Gardener’s Waste box»

Theme Boxes currently being worked on include these

«Magicians Junk Trunk», «The Rim and Tonic Gentlemens Club», «RimFixit I.T. Scrap», «Combat Supplies Crate Drop», «Viscera RimCleanup Detail» (janitor boxes), «Ann Winters» Party Box (cheeky but family friendly, think of «muffalube») :o) + a RimTrim Barbershop storage box, «Glitter-world Picnic Party» and «Visitor’s Leftover Belongings Box» from Hospitality including a Traveling Tribal Tailor + a «Citizen Junk box» for a RimCities theme.).

It will take me some time, especially finding and creating images, but ive got tons of small bits of paper on my table with the boxes/items and production chains for different items to help me keep track of things.

Multiplayer possibilities, hope and dreams: 🙂

Ideally, this mod will also work in multi-player (please also see Compatibility below), where the notion of «1 person’s Junk is another person’s Treasure», and real players can trade some of their unwanted Wooden items with others, (such as with the GlitterWorldPrime mod) and buy Plastics from others, simply because they have chosen to focus on certain areas of research and are able to process certain materials more efficiently, or they are just trading for those that they currently need. (proper multiplayer testing and balancing is still yet to happen, though things should work fine in single player so far as thats how ive been testing things. Once all themes are in, and multiplayer testing is confirmed, and any multiplayer help is welcome, i can hopefully add in recipes for players to be able to turn themed items, back into random themed trash and bin bags, so that players can buy bags of themed stuff, from other players, without always knowing what is inside — apart from knowing the general theme of the trash box.)

The Dream Goal 🙂

In lots of different multiplayer games i have played, some people really enjoy running around killing zombies, or are good at base building, and making items, or in space engineers they like flying around mining ore, and others like managing the production lines of ore into refineries and materials into assemblers 🙂

In rimworld, i can imagine lots of people in multiplayer games, each focusing on things that they like doing, or are good at, or things that the current situation needs, and there might also be some people who simply like helping out with the game in some way such as helping the base builders, simply by making some money, or helping to convert and recycle junk items into actual usable and needed materials 🙂 (but that will need more testing as it uses a .dll file. but Single player solo, and single player (multiplayer trading), should work, like trading wooden stuff to people who live in areas without many trees, but more testing will be needed.


Ideas (this was one of my many ideas from the ideas page, and as this is a working proof of concept mod, and because im not that good at drawing, i have borrowed most of the gfx kindly with hydromancers permission, and other mods like jabbamonkey, alchoholbrewing or modders on discord, but i have also made some myself, and at least have tried to edit and modify and even mix and match the gfx so that they hopefully look unique in some way. (for example hydrocraft has a plastic straw, and for my recycling mod i recolured it in 3 colours, and put 3 straws at different angles to represent ‘Plastic Drinks Straws’ in the game 🙂

(as there are lots of items, i will firm up more details in future updates once final versions are in, but also UberDust and Kincaid have kindly provided several images for current or future updates,)

Assemblies (thanks to Lanilor for treasure chest options and «super Ogliss» for helping me with the dll assemblies), as well as earthlyturtle for trader help and mehni and Pelador for patching guides, spesscarp for exanple defs and others on discord too.


This seems safe to add to existing games, (add only 1 second to load time), and also works as new game with a bunch of mods — i tested with 431 :o)

Works with vanilla, and also Loot Boxes, Genetic Rim, and several other mods.

Has patches for Genetic Rim so far (so that anyone with that mod, thanks sarg, can also use some recycled items for that mod too), and i will try and add some more patches where possible, though may need to work on some more themed boxes first 🙂 — theres tons more to add, but 3 boxes should be a good start so that people can hopefully enjoy the experience, without needing to wait months for the full road-map 🙂

(multiplayer might work in terms of items traded as single player, for their single player games), actual real-time multiplayer i havent been able to test yet, but if you have some time to test please let me know — in theory, if Loot Boxes mod works in multiplayer, this one might too though i need help with testings).

Recommended mods which enhance this mod:

  • Camera+ — to be able to zoom in to see more gfx details and to read some text on packets of items more clearly.
  • Genetic Rim — for compatible patches if you also play with it)
    HelpTab (it also shows my mods recipes.

Feedback is welcome, and if you read this far, thanks, and if you like it and can give a thumbs up, even more thanks :o)

Regards from «pgames-food» (or ‘foodie’ as trunken calls me)

Change Notes


  • Thank you for feedback from friends and players, including bren, goobs tank, and bowmen across the rimworld. These are the 18 updates made as part of this update: (including DefNames and additional details in changelog, for those kindly helping to create translation mods).
  • New: «Winter is Coming»… for the next few months, most traders will now pay about 5 times as much for Packets of Compressed Wooden Fuel Pellets (wraped in «ClingRim» plastic wrapping), due to high demand. (technically, i realised that they should have had a bit more value, so i increased the value, and then added more as a winter theme to compensate — now you can sell 1 packet for over $50 and if you need the energy, you can still use them in the pellet Generators…. just open a packet, use the pellets, and you can even recycle the ClingRim too :o)
  • Added ability to dismantle some vanilla Bows at the crafting spot: (this allows player to dismantle old, ranged Short-Bows to get materials for use with existing mod production chains + new twine and recycled ropes…if this works ok i can look to add things for other types of bows too.)
  • Added 3 new items (for Twine/Bow String, Small and Large Ropes).
  • 3 new recipes (to Dismantle a Short Bow, to Make 2 Small Recycled Ropes, and to make 1 Large Recycled Rope).
  • Re-balanced the Mushrooming Tree Stumps, so that RimShroomus Mushrooms are made a bit less often, but also slightly cheaper for their related Genetic Rim recipes, (and worth a little bit more if not being used with that mod).
  • Updates made to research and item or recipe descriptions to add more information, and to mention the new recipe possibilities with dismantling bows and a verb correction (and «Winter demand») for the Compressed Wooden Fuel Pellets above. :o).
  • Roger had idea for adding recycling items into the crafting process (hopefully this start of dismantling of vanilla items can help a bit in a similar way, by introducing some without actually forcing any vanilla recipes to change just yet, but after more content is released i can look into trying this with patches (not just for vanilla items, but also for some other mods like i did with few things for Genetic Rim to help expand the rimworld playing experience) :o)
  • Added new recipes: <defName>pgf-dismantle-core-Bow_Short</defName> + <defName>pgf-make-small_recycled_rope_from_twine</defName> + <defName>pgf-make-large_recycled_rope_from_twine</defName> (allows player to dismantle old, ranged Short-Bows to get materials for use with existing mod production chains + new twine (and recycled ropes).
  • Added new items: <defName>pgf-twine</defName> + <defName>pgf-small_recycled_rope</defName> + <defName>pgf-large_recycled_rope</defName>
  • Re-balanced RimShroomus mushrooms (stack limit increased from 200 to 300, while production time is a bit longer (+50%), and production amount is a bit less (-25%), but the related Genetic Rim recipe is also about 25% cheaper, since main use was for making Genetic Rim items a bit cheaper, but the mushrooms can still be used here as food in a similar way as before, and are very slightly now having a bit more worth + 0.1 silver for those of you making massive mushroom farms :o) This should also help a bit with managing stockpiles and also meaning that the popup notification will appear a bit less often too — thanks for feedback bren.
  • Updated <defName>TreeStumpShroomer</defName>
    (spawn count and spawn interval numbers only) + updated <defName>creating_PCF-GenRim-Organic_Solution_unrefined-AgariusRimShroomus</defName>
    (required ingredient value only).
  • Updated description for: <defName>pgf-wood_scraps</defName> (to better match the research name, and adding more info about unlocked recipes).
  • «These are just bits of scrap wood, with some pieces being chipped, splintered or having paint or scratches on them. Most are either found or recovered by dismantling and recycling other items, but with further research, we should be able to make better use of them, such as Sawdust, Matchsticks, Cocktail Sticks via «Wood Recycling 1» (and Fuel Pellets via «Wood Recycling 2″).»
  • Updated description for: <defName>pgf-wood_sawdust</defName> (to better match the research, and adding more info about unlocked recipes).
  • «<description>This is a small pile of Wooden Sawdust, usually made when wood is cut, sanded down, or scratched. With further research into «Wood Recycling 1 and 2», we should be able to make better use of sawdust. Examples include: Creating Matchsticks, Cocktail Sticks, Compressed Wooden Fuel Pellets (for use in a Wood Pellet Generator), and packaging the Pellets or Cocktail Sticks with «ClingRim» Plastic Wrapping for more profitable trading.</description>».
  • Updated description for: <defName>PGF-Broken_Dismantling_1</defName> (added new information for dismantling Short Bow items).
  • <description>Unlocking this research area, will allow us to take basic broken things apart, and separate them into different materials. Further research will allow us to do the same with more complex items. New: This 1st level of research will also let us dismantle and recycle some out-dated, or unwanted neolithic ranged weapons, such as a Short Bow, allowing us to recover some materials at the Crafting Spot.</description>
  • Updated description for: <defName>PGF-Broken_Dismantling_Repair</defName> (added new information for using Twine to make Recycled Ropes).
  • «<description>Now that we know how to dismantle things, unlocking this research area, will allow us to put things together again, to repair some broken items and swap out faulty parts. Maybe we can also repair Twine from a bow string and turn it into ropes?</description>».
  • Updated jobString for: <defName>PGF-CompressedFuelPellet_Wooden-ClingRimSealedPack-open</defName> (corrected the verb for the jobString)
  • «<jobString>Opening ClingRim pack of Fuel Pellets.</jobString>»
  • Minor edit to Research description for: <label>Wood Recycling 1</label> adding «(in future)» for mdf sculpting (to let player know).
  • «<description>Unlocking this research area, will allow us to take wooden scraps, and make better use of them as smaller items, such as Sawdust, Matchsticks and Cocktail Sticks. Further research will allow us to develop compacting processes to create MDF and reshape it for sculpting (in future), or as Fuel Pellets.</description>»
  • Updated: description and values for: <defName>ClingRim_Plastic_Wrapping-PGF-CompressedFuelPellet_Wooden</defName> (to rebalance final value of making these as they needed to make 16 more silver when selling. now worth $25 up from $9 but since it is Winter, there is now a huge demand for these so to make up for the mistake, they will have another +20 value for the next few months=$45).
  • «<description>These are small wooden fuel pellets, made out of a compressed mixture of chemfuel and wooden sawdust, packaged and sealed in «ClingRim» ™ Plastic Wrapping. Tribal and Medieval traders really enjoy them, and so do most traders who enjoy a nice Barbecue. Cannibals too, for that ‘wood-smoked’ aroma. :o) New WEATHER UPDATE: a «Winter ColdSnap is Coming» and may affect other factions… This has caused a huge demand for these items which are normally meant to be $25, and they can now be sold for $45 each for the next few months. (Faction leaders are currently investigating the weather phenomenon, and it may of course just be due to some Orbital Weather Satellite hackers again, but we might as well make some more money while we can.)</description>»

Steam ID: 1825360426.

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