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Автор: Jaxe
RimHUD - RimWorld мод (изображение 2)
RimHUD - RimWorld мод (изображение 3)

Описание на русском языке

RimHUD — это мод интерфейса, который отображает подробную информацию о выбранном персонаже или существе на панели контроля, также эту же информацию можно вывести в отдельном окне. Более подробно см. на скриншотах.

Description in English

RimHUD is a UI mod that displays a detailed information about a selected character or creature. The HUD display is integrated into the inspect panel which can be resized to fit the additional information. Alternatively the HUD can a separate floating window and docked to any position on the screen.

Visual warnings will appear if a pawn has any life threatening conditions, wounds that need tending or potentially unstable mental states.

Technical details

No update should ever break an existing game and this mod be added or removed at any time without issue. More features and customization options will be added as this mod evolves.

This UI mod is designed for resolutions of 1600×900 and higher. Lower resolutions can still use this although you may have to adjust the font size in the options dialog.

RimHUD’s options can be accessed by hovering over the panel and clicking the gear icon that appears.

Compability and Integrations

Multiplayer ready. This mod should be compatible with any others and if not I would be happy to make a fix.

Mods that add additional needs or skills can be displayed by RimHUD.
With the addition of food restrictions in 1.0, this mod can also allow selecting restrictions for prisoners and guests (and also animals with my Animal Food Restrictions mod) but for a much better experience with food restrictions (and other options) I recommend using my other mod Pawn Rules instead.

Note to modders

Adding a layout preset in your mod’s RimHUD\Presets folder will be automatically added to RimHUD’s built-in presets.

Note to translators

Although the offers are appreciated, for maintenance reasons only English will included with the base mod. All translations should be uploaded as language submods with full permission to use the mod’s images in any way.

Change Notes


  • Fixed deactivation when a player faction pawn has null work settings.

14.11.2019 (v1.4.4):

  • Added: Null and try/catch checks for some elements.

10.11.2019 (v1.4.3):

  • Fixed HUD bouncing when tiny text is displayed on the screen.

09.11.2019 (v1.4.2):

  • Update: Now supports mods that change the game font.
  • Update: Tooltips added to food, rest and recreation bars.
  • Fixed: Health status now shows sicknesses.
  • Fixed: Mechanoids no longer described as ‘tame critters’.

08.11.2019 (v1.4.1):

  • Fixed: Config button not clickable in floating mode.
  • Fixed: Old translation errors will no longer cause a crash.

08.11.2019 (v1.4.0):

  • Update: Clicking on hud values and bars will toggle the appropiate tab.
  • Update: Content components now sorted alphabetically.
  • Update: Auto deactivation on error now provides more detailed information on the cause.
  • Fixed: Presets now properly save height, width and minimum tabs if enabled.
  • Fixed: Newly saved presets now showing without restart.
  • Fixed: Color modification of Interaction Bubbles now working.
  • Note: Due to new language handling, old translation submods will need updating.

Steam ID: 1508850027.

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