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Мод, под названием «Rimatomics» (Атомная энергетика в RimWorld), добавляет в игру ядерную энергетику, а также энергетическое и ядерное оружие.


Мод Rimatomics добавляет в игру ядерное и энергетическое оружие, а новое пользовательское дерево исследований позволит вам шаг за шагом получать разнообразные новые функции и здания (оставлю без внимания остальные детали, чтобы вы могли самостоятельно все разузнать).

Ядерная энергетическая система масштабируется от киловатт до мегаватт, с возможностью комбинирования различных типов систем охлаждения, турбин и ядерных реакторов — плюс улучшения.

Чтобы использовать такое огромное количество энергии, были добавлены:

  • Ассортимент энергетического оружия.
  • Микроволновые зоны, отключающие системы.
  • Катушки Тесла.
  • Высокоэнергетические лазеры.
  • Электромагнитные пушки.
  • Системы защиты от минометов.
  • Системы обнаружения угроз.
  • Скремблеры спасательных капсул.
  • Множество типов модулей обновления.
  • Ядерное оружие.

Как начать использовать мод

Перейдите на вкладку «Rimatomics» в ванильном меню исследований, там вы увидите один проект. Когда его исследование будет завершено, вы сможете создать специальный Rimatomics стол для исследований. Затем вы сможете получить доступ к специальному экрану исследований Rimatomics с помощью главной кнопки рядом со стандартными исследованиями, или через соответствующую вкладку при нажатии на Rimatomics стол исследований.

Проведение исследований новых проектов является необходимым процессом, если вы планируете открыть для использования все встроенные в данный мод функции.


  • Мод можно безопасно добавить в существующее сохранение.
  • Совместим с модом мультиплеера.

Вики (на английском языке)


Rimatomics has a special research system for progressing through all of the content, but it all starts with a standard Rimworld research project found in the Rimatomics tab in the standard research window. Once this project is completed you will be able to build a Rimatomics research bench which unlocks the custom Rimatomics research which has its own window that can be accessed from the main buttons along the bottom, or a tab on the bench itself.

The bench has a button to call a Rimatomics trade ship for 1000 silver, this ship carries goods related to Rimatomics including uranium, steel, components, fuel, and even plutonium and warheads. It has a long cooldown so it can’t be used too often.

Плутоний и ядерное оружие

How do i make plutonium for nukes?

Nuclear fuel from a reactor can be processed in a plutonium processor once it reaches 50% of its life remaining, the amount of plutonium that processing creates depends on the life of the fuel and the type of reactor it was used in, fully spent fuel with 0 life remaining produces the most plutonium, so you can choose to either process it early or wait until its fully spent to get the maximum amount which can take up to 2 years.

The type A reactors only have a plutonium conversion ratio of 0.6 or 60% and the advanced reactors have a ratio of 1.2 or 120%, the conversion ratio is a measure of how much MOX fuel you can create from the processed plutonium, so 1.2 means you are producing more fissionable material «fuel» than you are using. When you move your mouse over fuel slots in the reactor UI it will show a «ratio» value which is how much has been converted so far.

The range on the nukes is very short and i can’t reach any targets

You can complete a research project to upgrade the range on nukes, then you can nuke anywhere on the planet.

How long does the fallout on the world last?

Each one lasts anywhere from 2-40 days, any maps that are under a cloud of fallout will have the in-map radioactive fallout

Why do i lose relations with allies when i detonate nukes on enemies

Because even though you are eliminating an enemy nukes are still a weapon of mass destruction that results in fallout, fear, and refugees with horrific injuries.

Энергетическое оружие

Why can’t my Punisher shoot anything?

You may not have enough energy in your PPC’s, you might be missing a TACS, or their magazine may be empty.

Punishers also require line of sight to targets that are in their map, this is because the velocity of the sabot rounds is too high to arc them over walls like mortars do, they can however shoot over walls if they are doing a fire mission on another map.

How does the ADS work and what is it useful for?

The ADS can fire a beam of microwaves through walls and cause pawns in a large area to flee in the opposite direction, this can be extremely useful for crowd control or herding enemies into positions that makes it easy for other weapons to target them.

Why wont it let me upgrade my energy weapons?

Some of the upgrade projects are blueprint upgrades which means any new weapons built will have those upgrades by default.

Why isn’t the drop pod scrambler on the TACS working?

What should happen is when drop pods attempt to land in the middle of your base then the scrambler will try to force them to the edge of the map instead, but if the TACS couldn’t pull enough power from any connected PPC’s it might fail and send you a letter explaining how much power it required.

How do i setup PPC’s properly without exploding half of my base from a short circuit?

This screenshot shows an example of how PPC’s should be used, the weapons system including the PPC’s has its own power net which is separate from the rest of the base and is supplied power from dedicated transformers.

Rimatomics (изображение 9)


Radiation causes radiation poisoning, it will heal over time but if it builds up to 100% then it switches to fatal radiation poisoning which slowly kills the pawn over a couple of days. Radiation poisoning increases disease rates like toxic fallout, there’s also dna damage which lasts their lifetime and increases cancer rates.

The storage pool is filled with water which allows you to safely store spent fuel, and any type of wall can absorb radiation, with the amount absorbed being based on the walls hp, 1000 hp absorbs 100% of radiation, anything less reduces it by a percentage per cell that i has to travel through

Radiation suits and MOPP suits will filter out a large percentage of radiation and can be very powerful when combined with potassium iodide pills. The suits also work for protecting against toxic fallout.

While researching at a research reactor colonists may sometimes be exposed to small amounts of radiation.


What is a reactor containment room, why do i need it, and what goes inside?

A containment room is simply a room that you put the radioactive parts of a reactor system in. For example it could contain your core, a storage pool placed very close to the core to reduce transfer time, fuel processors, and a stockpile of fresh fuel, the room would have fireproof floors doors and walls, fire suppression systems, and enough space and/or walls to minimize exposure to people outside during fuel transfer. Reactor workers should ideally wear full radiation suits, be given iodine pills, and be locked into the containment room until the fuel transfer is complete. If the containment room is inside a mountain then it can also be kept below 0 to reduce the chance of bugs spawning.

How do i use the reactor UI? From a cold start you need to designate slots to install fuel, once installed hit the start button, then slowly increase the flux to the desired level while monitoring temps by using the flux control or the flux nudge bars, the nudge bar changes the flux by a small constant amount while you hold it.

Rimatomics (изображение 10)

Why can’t I load fuel into my reactor?

First make sure that you have opened the reactor UI using a pawn, and marked 1 or more slots to install fuel, and that the type of fuel marked for install is the same type you have available, you can change the fuel type to MOX or normal by toggling the fuel icon in the reactor UI.

The core must also be shut down and cold, do this by opening the reactor UI and pressing the SCRAM button, then it will flash amber lights as it shuts down then finally show blue lights once its cold and can be loaded with fuel.

If you have fuel and it still says there’s none available the problem may be that you are storing it in a fuel storage pool, these pools are for long term storage of spent fuel and new fuel can be stored safely in normal stockpiles, open the fuel pool inventory tab and mark the fuel to be removed, then you can install it.

Исследования Rimatomics

Access the Rimatomics research window from the main tabs along the bottom or the tab on selected research consoles. You select a project on the left, then you purchase the project with silver to unlock it, then press the start button to start the project, then work your way through each of the projects individual steps until it is completed.

You can run multiple projects at the same time by selecting different benches and pressing start on the project, active projects are marked with a small white dot in the list.

There are many different types of project steps, the most basic kind is a normal research step where a researcher has to stand at the bench and work like vanilla research, there can be versions of this that require different skills such as crafting or construction.

Some steps require pawns to work at facilities such as weapon research benches or research reactors, 2 pawns can work on these jobs together to speed it up.

There are construction steps where you are required to build certain buildings and set them up in a specific way to complete the task, such as connecting the right kinds of pipes from 1 building to another.

The reactors have a unique construction phase where after constructing the building you will notice the graphic is of an unfinished core with tools laying around, up to 2 constructors must perform more construction work on the core to finish it during this step, it also needs power for the tools.

Some upgrade projects for energy weapons such as ERS are blueprint upgrades, meaning once completed any new weapons built will have those upgrades by default, but existing weapons will need to be manually upgraded.

Steam ID: 1127530465.

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