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Автор: KongMD
Questionable Ethics Enhanced - RimWorld мод (изображение 2)
Questionable Ethics Enhanced - RimWorld мод (изображение 3)
Questionable Ethics Enhanced - RimWorld мод (изображение 4)
Questionable Ethics Enhanced - RimWorld мод (изображение 5)

Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет в игру RimWorld функции по клонированию пешек и животных, также добавляет и другие различные функции, позволяющие манипулировать пешками, к примеру, мод позволяет вербовать вражеских пешек порядком быстрее.


  • Выращивайте органы в чанах!
  • Клонируйте животных и гуманоидов! Клоны имеют черты и интересы своих «родителей».
  • Сканируйте мозги, тем самым сохраняйте уровни навыков пешек! Применяйте любой созданный таким образом мозговой шаблон к своим клонам, чтобы помочь им быстро поднять свои навыки.
  • Мгновенно вербуйте враждебно настроенных пешек с помощью сшивания нервов!
  • Балансируйте мод по своему усмотрению с помощью настроек мода.
  • Мод представляет из себя улучшенную версию оригинального мода Questionable Ethics (добавлено больше совместимостей с другими модами, исправлены баги и т.д.).

Мод можно безопасно добавить в существующее сохранение.

Description in English

Questionable Ethics Enhanced (QEE) is a content mod that adds cloning and pawn manipulation features to Rimworld.


  • Grow organs in vats!
  • Clone animals and humanoids! Clones have the traits and passions of their «parent».
  • Scan brains to preserve the skill levels of a pawn! Apply any brain template to your clones, to get them up-to-speed fast.
  • Recruit hostile pawns instantly with nerve stapling!
  • Balance the mod as you wish, with the Mod Settings menu (see preview image above)
  • Enhancements to the original Questionable Ethics mod.

Changes to Questionable Ethics mechanics

Questionable Ethics Enhanced is a successor to the Questionable Ethics mod created by ChJees. At release, there are 14 bugfixes 15 new enhancements, and a few new compatibility patches that were not in QE. Here are the big changes:

  • The Life Support System & Crude Bionics have been moved to standalone mods, to improve mod compatibility.
  • All descriptions have been re-written with an emphasis on discoverability (how do I use this item and where do I obtain it) and correct grammar.
  • Failed cloning no longer causes Cloning Vat ingredient loading to break. This was a high-impact bug in QE and many people asked for a fix.
  • Nutrient Solution and Protein Mash recipes, output, and costs have been rebalanced across the board. See mod preview image for details.
  • Cloning vats now display how many days remain until clone is fully grown, instead of a percentage of completion.
  • The Apply Brain Templating toils have been re-written and many bugs have been fixed. Get feedback messages during pawn selection, if it’s an invalid target.
  • Family relationships will no longer be generated for clones

Can I use this on an existing save?


If you have a save with Questionable Ethics enabled and want to switch to this mod instead, please follow these steps to keep your research/items intact.


This mod patches in changes to vanilla organ defs, but does not remove anything from the vanilla game. All defNames in the mod are unique and should not conflict with other mods. Any mods determined to be incompatible will throw a custom error message upon loading the game, when QEE and that mod are both enabled. Consider this mod compatible with your modlist, unless specified below:

Enhanced Functionality

  • Bionic Icons — Textures from this mod will be used for the organs. Highly recommended upgrade over vanilla textures!
  • Evolved Organs — Has exciting changes to its mechanics when QEE is enabled.
  • Race mods built with Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 — Races will be able to to be cloned in the Cloning Vat.
  • Rah’s Bionics and Surgery Expansion (RBSE):
    • Organ installation requires RBSE research pre-req ‘Organ Transplantation’.
    • Organs need to be refrigerated.
    • Organ Rejection hediff added when organs are implanted.

Fully Compatible

  • Bioreactor.
  • Combat Extended — no patch required.
  • EPOE — Duplicated natural organ defs (two ‘Eye’ organs with different descriptions, for example). Outside of this, you should have no issues running with both mods enabled.
  • Harvest Organs Post-Mortem (HOPM) — All natural organs from QEE have a chance to spawn after autopsy.

Partially Incompatible

  • Races from Lord of the Rims by Jecrell — Races can be cloned, but won’t have their racial bonus. Workaround — Add the racial hediff to your save file for the pawn. Looking into adding this information to genome templates in a future patch.
  • Warforged — Warforged pawns can’t be cloned (they are robots that have no meat). See the GitHub issue for more details.



If you run into errors when adding this mod to your modlist, please let me know in the comments. This mod includes a Debug Mode toggle in the Mod Settings, which I would recommend setting to Enabled, if you have problems. Post an issue on Github for maximum visibility. The more information you include, the easier it will be for me to fix it.

Harmony Patches

  • MedicalRecipesUtility.SpawnNaturalPartIfClean() — Postfix.
  • Recipe_InstallNaturalBodyPart.ApplyOnPawn() — Postfix.


This mod has been translated to the following languages:

  • Japanese.


  • KongMD — XML, C#, Preview art.
  • Proxyer — Japanese Translation.
  • EvaineQ — Cloning vat art.

Special Thanks

  • erdelf, Mehni, Bar0th and Jamaican Castle for answering my modding questions.
  • Everyone in the Rimworld Discord that helps keep the Rimworld mod scene vibrant.

Questionable Ethics Credits

  • ChJees — Concept, XML & C#. Used with permission.
  • Shotgunfrenzy — Art, Vats and associated items
  • Shinzy — Art, Organs
  • Edmund — Art, Organ

Change Notes

28.12.2019 (1.2.0):

  • Arm install surgery now uses the Shoulder BodyPart
    Added the ability to replace a BodyPart with a new natural part if only the sub-parts are damaged/missing. Example: You can now install a new hand if any fingers are missing or damaged.
  • Fixed being able to harvest a BodyPart if any sub-parts are missing. Example — arms will not be harvestable if a finger is missing.
  • Fixed BodyParts spawning after replacing them with a prosthetic/bionic when a sub-part is damaged/missing. Example: Replacing an arm (minus one finger) with a Bionic Arm will not spawn the arm on the ground post-surgery.
  • RBSE Compatibility — Organ Rejection will not be applied if it’s disabled in RBSE’s ModSettings (Thanks, Ibmaian, for the help!).
  • RBSE Compatibility — Fixed bug where installing a natural limb did not properly restore sub-parts
    Brain templates from animals now respect what type of animal was initially scanned. Example: You can no longer apply an Alpaca template to a Bear. Brain templates created before this update can still be applied to any animal.
  • Added ModSetting that can toggle whether applying Brain Templates on non-clones is allowed.

21.12.2019 (v1.1.1 Release):

  • Questionable Ethics Enhanced.

30.11.2019 (v1.1.0 Release):

  • Organ vats now use Bills:
    • The Organ Vat now uses Bills instead of the Start Growing gizmo. It’s a new building compared to the existing vat and it uses separate code.
    • The former Organ Vat building is now named ‘Organ Vat (legacy)’, and it will function just as it did before this update. It can no longer be built, so if you want to build new legacy vats, you’ll need to add them in via the debug menu. This update is save compatible with your existing organ vats and recipes!
    • Pawns now grab nearby stacks of ingredients when loading them into any vat if their hands are not full (opportunistic hauling).
    • Added ‘Finish Growing’ gizmo to Organ vat if Rimworld’s Dev Mode is enabled. Finishes growing current recipe instantly.
    • Patched the Evolved Organs mod recipes to work in the new vat.
    • [Performance] Added ModSetting that dictates how often Organ Vat will check the map for ingredients in seconds. Default = 3 seconds.
  • To replace a legacy organ vat with the new one, deconstruct it, then turn on God Mode and spawn in a new Organ Vat via the debug actions menu. Alternately, just build a new one!

Steam ID: 1787359789.

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