More Faction Interaction - RimWorld мод

Автор: Mehni

Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет больше взаимодействий с и между фракциями, тем самым позволяя еще сильнее оживить мир игры RimWorld.

Description in English

Adds more interaction with and between factions, bringing the world to life.

Meaningful faction relations

  • Build up trust and factions will reward you.
  • Cement relations by inter-faction marriages.
  • Help factions recover from various setbacks.
  • Factions may call upon you for labour.
  • Favours for favours.
  • Increased rate of world events.

Trade improvements

  • Specialised traders desperate for certain goods.
  • More frequent traders, if you treat them right.
  • Traders get richer as you build up trust.
  • Traders bring higher quality as relations increase.

A living world

  • Pirates spread out and grow outposts.
  • Pirates can demand tribute if they’re close by — destroy their outposts!
  • Show off your skills at the yearly exposition. Maybe you’ll do well and be invited to host next year?
  • Roadworks. To strengthen ties and increase trade, your allies can build roads as a nice silver sink.
  • Squatters! Someone found a use for an old deserted settlement.

Warring factions

  • Unrest is brewing between two factions! Will you pick a side, stay neutral or profiteer?

TL;DR: More events

  • Diplomatic marriages.
  • Reverse trade requests.
  • Bumper crops.
  • Hunter’s Lodge.
  • Pirate extortion.
  • Mystical Shaman.
  • Annual Expo.
  • Squatters.
  • Roadworks.
  • Faction WAR.


  • SerpyDerpy, preview image and art.
  • Brrainz, Harmony.
  • XeoNovaDan, rubberducking and testing.
  • erdelf, erdelf.
  • ShotgunFrenzy, art.
  • Halno, art.
  • Ian, text revisions.
  • My testers. You know who you are. Thanks to Eviltrick in particular.

Shoutout to Albion of Sparkling Worlds — Full Mod, for the inspiration and support.


  • Japanese, courtesy of Proxyer.
  • Russian, courtesy of Djeban74/Reasonable Max.
  • Chinese (Simplified), courtesy of =O.W.L.S=o_Onion and publicuser.
  • Polish, courtesy of pawelik001.
  • Spanish, courtesy of CANALETA.
  • Spanish (Latin), courtesy of CANALETA.
  • French, courtesy of jerlotrie.
  • Italian, courtesy of EvaineQ.

Want to help translate this mod in your language? Check out the «Pirate» folder inside the Languages folder on GitHub for all up to date strings.


  • Yes you can add it to an existing save. Use a new one for best results, but it’ll work on your current run. No, you can’t remove it from an existing save.
  • Yes it’s compatible with Hospitality.
  • Yes it’s compatible with Roads of the Rim. MFI treats roadworks as a silver sink, with Roads of the Rim you’re more involved.
  • For compatibility with Zetrith’s multiplayer mod, you need Multiplayer Compatibility.

Steam ID: 1454024362.

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