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Описание на русском языке

Научите своих животных в RimWorld убивать врагов целой стаей.

В отличие от использования дрессированных ванильных животных, с этим модом вы не будете рисковать жизнью своих колонистов при их использовании, и получите полный контроль над движениями стай своих животных (и, следовательно, сможете создавать новые различные стратегии атак), сможете выбирать цели для нападения своими животными, а также получите многие другие функции, которые доступны в настройках мода (возможность атаковать здания, поддержка атак дальнего боя для добавленных другими модами животных, система бонусных атак, система иерархии и многое другое).

Description in English

Kill For Me (изображение 9)


Teach your animals to kill enemies in packs.

Unlike vanilla release animal training, you do not risk life of colonists, get full controls over your packs movements (and therefore the ability to create attack strategies) and choosing targets to kill plus many other advantages and customizations (attack buildings, ranged attack support for modded animals, bonus attack system, hierarchy system…).

One RimThemes theme included.

Please watch the tutorial video and read the FAQ to use the mod correctly.

Kill For Me (изображение 10)

Important Mods Order

Kill For Me (изображение 11)

It is adviced to place Kill For Me just after HugsLib or Core.

For players having weird bugs, non attacking animals in their pack, or animals which try to kill already killed targets, most of the time this comes from a bad mod order caused by some unknown mods incompatibilities, to solve this issue, try bring kill for me just after HugsLib (if you have it) otherwise just after the Core and retry it should fix your issue.

Note: If you have Hunt For Me too please bring it too in the same order that currently (eg: Core -> HugsLib -> (Kill For Me -> Hunt For Me) or (Hunt For Me -> Kill For Me if it was in this order)).

Kill For Me (изображение 12)


  • Animals can be drafted in packs and easily controlled.
  • Packs can automatically attack every threat on the map (disabled by default).
  • Animals packs can kill only designated targets (with supervised mode enabled in settings (by default and by pack)).
  • Bonding is automatically removed from animals that have learned to kill (can be disabled in settings).
  • Animals will use ranged attacks if possible (moded animals).
  • Up to 10 available packs.
  • A hierarchy system in packs with attack bonuses (can be disabled).
  • Terminator mode, animals do not flee when they get hurt (disabled by default).
  • All animals can learn to kill in pack (disabled by default).
  • You can whitelist ennemies (usefull in not supervised mode), packs will not attack them.
  • You can target all buildings with your packs (disabled by default).
  • You can target your own animals and colonists with packs (disabled by default).
  • Fully customizable (attack till death of enemies, hide pack icons…).


What is the rally point area?

It’s the zone (preferably in a secure area) where your packs will come to regroup before attacking an enemy (in order to arrive grouped and avoiding as much as possible loss), only if less than 50% (customizable in settings) of the pack members are not close to each other, otherwise they directly attack targeted enemy without regroup at this zone.

Generaly to boost things (and if you prefer micro management) it is better to manually group them near the enemies to attack (with the regrouping mode («regroup» control on packs members)), then cancel the regroup mode (they will skip the regrouping at the rally zone as 50% or more are near), or directly attack enemy by clicking on «force kill» control and select the enemy.

Which animals can be trained to kill?

All animals that can be trained to ‘Obedience’ and have an ‘Intermediate’ intelligence, can be trained to ‘Kill’.

Should work with all modded animals (see compatibility section for already tested ones), if you find a bug please report it in the «[Bug Reports]» thread.

I can «Kill» doors and turrets is it normal?

Yes, doors and turrets can be targeted by default by your packs to destroy them (eg : force entering in a pirate base building by destroying the door with packs). The term «Killl» will be replaced by «Destroy» in the next major release.

When an animal is linked to a colonist and trained for killing, the link is lost once training suceeds.

Yes it’s in fact «normal» not a bug, to prevent mood debuffs when killer animal is killed, but you can disable this feature if you want in the mod’s settings, just uncheck «Disable bonding of killer animals (retro-active)» in the «Global settings» section.

Any tips with this mod?

  • Dont forget to place the «rally point area» on each maps, otherwise packs controls are locked!
  • Working with existing saves (If you already use «Hunt For Me», «Kill For Me» need to be loaded after and vice versa).
  • If sending animals in grouping mode for a caravan, the caravan will be blocked as long as the animals are in grouping mode.
  • Can safely be enabled/disabled in ongoing saves (if disabled, some errors messages can be seen in logs (not critical)).
  • When «Disable bonding of killer animals» is enabled, existing bonding relations are only removed definitely at save loading step when this setting is enabled.
  • Always place your rally point area in a safe area!
  • After a pack is formed at the rally point area, there is a delay of 1 hour and a half during which when it attack an enemy, this step is skipped.
  • The pack formation step (rally point area) is skipped when there is at least 50% (customizable) of the pack members near from each other ( in a radius of 10 cases).
  • If there are enemies near the rally point area, the pack formation step is skipped so your packs will not come groupped at the same time to face the enemies.
  • Try to spread your animals in as many packs as possible to increase the number of enemies killed per attack.
  • Avoid killing turrets and mortars with melee animals (explosion).
  • Avoid mixing melee and ranged animals in packs.

I have issue and weird bug with kill for me

Most of the time this comes from a bad mod order, to solve this issue, try bring kill for me just after HugsLib (if you have it) otherwise just before the Core and retry it should fix your issue.

Kill For Me (изображение 13)


Tested without issues with the followings animals mods:

Kill For Me (изображение 14)


  • Tehoata/Sylvanor: English, French.
  • 亚里沙desu: Simplified Chinese.
  • SalaZary/Sandy GER and Trunken: German.
  • SY1102: Traditional Chinese.
  • GoogleTranslate: Japanese and Korean.

Note: Dont hesitate to contribute and send better/missing translations files.

Kill For Me (изображение 15)


  • Developer: aRandomKiwi.

Kill For Me (изображение 16)



Change Notes


  • Fix issue concerning «Allow pack to attack stronger ennemies» not persistently saved.

Steam ID: 1629854111.

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