Extra Walls and Floors - RimWorld мод

Автор: Articanical
Extra Walls and Floors - RimWorld мод (изображение 2)
Extra Walls and Floors - RimWorld мод (изображение 3)
Extra Walls and Floors - RimWorld мод (изображение 4)
Extra Walls and Floors - RimWorld мод (изображение 5)
Extra Walls and Floors - RimWorld мод (изображение 6)
Extra Walls and Floors - RimWorld мод (изображение 7)
Extra Walls and Floors - RimWorld мод (изображение 8)

Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет в игру RimWorld уникальные новые стены и полы. Является дополнением к моду: Better Walls and Floors.



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Description in English

This mod is a standalone supplement to my Better Walls and Floors mod.

It aims to provide you with more creative choice when building your colonies without deviating from the vanilla game.

Features include

Operational redundancy

These walls and floors are derived from existing walls and floors already in the game. This is so the base gameplay experience remains unchanged.

Build-able smoothed walls

Allows you to build a stone wall and floor with the same appearance as those found in a cave after smoothing it (If you have my re-texture mod installed). This is so that damaged walls can be replaced and gaps can be filled after mining veins and sapper attacks.

Wood Stain

Adds 3 new shades of brown when building wooden walls, floors and furniture. Vanilla wood logs can be ‘stained’ at a crafting spot very quickly at no additional resource cost.

Somewhat seamless

All walls are derived from the textures used in my vanilla re-texture mod. This means they fit well together when mixing walls of different types. For example, you can use the embrasure walls from combat extended with the additional wall textures in this mod.

Combat Extended

Those wishing to run this with Combat Extended will need to subscribe to a patch mod I created for it. This just changes the ‘damagedefs’ on the new walls so that they work properly.

Rusty and Blooded

These are metal walls build-able out of steel only. They function exactly like normal steel walls but with a darker horror-like appearance.

Astroflora, Astrorock and Straw

These are an exception to my ‘vanilla only’ rule but only very slightly. This is to preserve immersion. They have unique material requirements but are otherwise the same as carpet, only less flammable.

Feedback and discussions are welcome.

Steam ID: 1882432197.

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