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Автор: Crustypeanut
[1.0] RimCuisine 2 Core - RimWorld мод (изображение 2)
[1.0] RimCuisine 2 Core - RimWorld мод (изображение 3)
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Описание на русском языке

Мод, под названием «[1.0] RimCuisine 2 Core» (Ядро РимКухни 2), добавляет в игру новые зерновые культуры, новых торговцев и новые различные виды пищи, которые хорошо вписываются в ванильную версию игры RimWorld.

Сам мод, по сравнению с его первой версией, был полностью переработан с нуля, тем самым была улучшена его совместимость с другими модами, увеличена общая производительность, также были устранены различные проблемы, обнаруженные в первой версии.

Мод можно добавить в существующее сохранение, но все же рекомендуется начать новую игру.

Description in English

Welcome to RimCuisine 2! This mod is focused on adding new crops and food types for your pawns to enjoy while they suffer horribly here on the Rim! The mod has been completely reworked from scratch to provide better mod compatibility and overall performance, while simultaneously fixing issues found in the first one.

Overall, the mod is designed to be vanilla-friendly and fit seamlessly into normal gameplay without changing things up too dramatically. A secondary design focus was to improve both tribal gameplay and caravaning with the addition of a number of food-preservation techniques that don’t rely on freezing temperatures or high technology.

New Crops

Over 40 new crops and fruit trees, ranging from tomatoes and onions to sorghum, quinoa, and grapes, all the way to cherries, pecans and durians! In addition, all new crops can only be grown in specific biomes! Vanilla crops and a few exemptions (like wheat, cabbages, and onions) can be grown in any biome, but most require one or more biomes to be grown in. Examples include sugarcane and bananas only being growable in tropical, agave, cactus fruit, and coffee only in arid, juniper berries only in colder biomes and grapes only in temperate! In addition, if the plant is growable hydroponically, it ignores these restrictions! Go ahead and hydroponically grow your tropical-climate-loving quinoa in a boreal forest, see what I care!

New Meals

A variety of new meals including mass-produced pottage, sugary candy and pastries, as well as coffee, tea, and of course hardtack! Snacks provide their own moodlets, while coffee and tea provide pawns with a source of caffeine, boosting their productivity and learning while simultaneously boosting their anxiety. Yay caffeine-induced panic attacks!

New Food Categories

All foods are now organized into the five major food groups: Meat, Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, and Sweets, varying between raw and processed. Processed ingredients, such as dried fruits/meat and canned goods (found in the M&M Expansion) can be used in cooking recipes just like raw ingredients, but tend to be more space and weight-efficient. All vanilla recipes have been updated to use these new categories!

New Traders!

Introducing the Agricultural Traders! They primarily sell crops and farm animals so you can import the crops you can’t grow locally and buy some much-needed cows for tasty foods! (like cheese in the M&M submod) There is another trader I’ll let you find on your own as well.. he-he-he.

Changes to Existing Stuff

None! Well, I lied. A few minor tweaks to categories and the inventory display. All of which have been patched in correctly so as to not cause issues. In addition, a few old techs have been renamed and moved to the RimCuisine tech tree, but otherwise unmolested in their definitions (for compatibility reasons) Pemmican is now “Basic Preservation Techniques”, and Survival Meals is now “Intermediate Preservation Techniques”. Tree Sowing is now Basic Forestry, and Cocoa trees is Advanced Forestry. Unlike RimCuisine 1, healroot is untouched!

While this mod is basically feature-complete, I will be using you guys as test subjects to iron out kinks and bugs and feature balance! If you see something that is weird or doesn’t work right, let me know and we can figure it out!


RimCuisine 2 is not meant to be used with Dismar’s Vegetable Garden orToby’s Realistic Farming. problems occuring when used together is not my fault, stop mixing them (or mix them at your own peril!).

That being said, RimCuisine 2 *seems* to be compatible with VGP Core. Dismar and I have discussed compatibility and we both agree our mods are too massive to do full patches for, but right now they seem to play nicely together. However, there is a lot of overlap and people insisting on using both will find duplicate items and see that a number of ingredients from one mod won’t work with some or all recipes in the other. Use both mods together at your own risk! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

RimCuisine 2 is technically compatible with existing saves, but for best quality use on a new save. Used on existing saves, new wild crops need time to spawn in, stockpiles need fixing, existing bills need fixing, pawn allowances need fixing, and you won’t have any of the free techs. But it’ll work fine if you go over this stuff.

Special Thanks to

  • Mehni, who suffered endlessly through me constantly bouncing ideas off of him and having him rate my art, as well as for helping teach me how to mod in the first place!
  • Dismar, creator of Vegetable Garden, for the initial inspiration for the mod. Go check his out if you haven’t! (like anyone hasn’t yet LOL).
  • OskarProtocki, who helped with art advice.
  • Brian, RL friend and co-worker who came up with the initial Zopioid idea. I’m sure we’re on a list now for talking about it at work.
  • Fans of RimCuisine 1! Thank you for your continued support!
  • And everyone on the mod development/mod art channel on the Rimworld Discord, who helped me out with the odd idea or feedback!
  • Eagle0600 for making the expanded fermenting code! Without his awesome stuff I’m not sure if I could’ve made the drying racks or pickling barrels! (They’d be much boring and just a cooking recipe!): Expandable Fermenting and Processing. Even if you don’t plan on using the mod for modding, go give him a sub and a like for me 😛

Steam ID: 1833592062.

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