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Автор: SnugSnug
Work Bench Variations - Kenshi мод (изображение 2)
Work Bench Variations - Kenshi мод (изображение 3)
Work Bench Variations - Kenshi мод (изображение 4)
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Work Bench Variations - Kenshi мод (изображение 18)

Описание на русском языке

Мод изменяет в игре Кенши графику многих предметов — в большей мере изменения касаются часто используемых рабочих мест и альтернативных хранилищ, используемых для хранения создаваемых предметов.

Description in English

Adds graphical variation to a number of commonly used workbenchs and alternative storage for crafted items. I designed this to differentiate at a glance between benches that one often builds several of due to how their product queues need different resources.

Currently incledes

  • Platebeating, Copperalloy, Robotics, Small research, Electrical, Arrow Making and Cooking Stove, Looms, Iron storage, copper storage, cotton storage and stone storage, riceweed storage, hemp storage, wheatstraw storage, greenveg storage, cacti storageand raw meat storage.
  • In addition creates upgraded or new instances of beds, armour stand, armour storage, weapon stand, food store, barreltables2, small limb storage (skeleton), Electrical storage, crossbow parts storage, small steel bar storage, leather storage, skins storage, robotics storage, fabric storage, Boltbox, CopperAlloy storage, Armour Plate storage, Chainmail sheet storage, building material, iron plate and steel storages.


Built and tested on 1.0.17-0.19 @1920×1080. In low priority slot.

  • Research hooks are placed for all new buildings, including a cheat research incase of mod conflict.
  • This mod includes my standalone mods; small limb storage, armour stand and weaponrack mods. These should be uninstalled as they are incompatible.
  • May conflict with any mod that alters vanilla research, furniture or core textures. This mod increases the number of mesh and textures loaded for props, not tested under stress conditions… ie lots of furniture or more than 30 characters.
  • Compatible with Compressed Textures Project mod (some transparent textures are black), AnimationOverhaul — crafting mod, Reactive World mod and Interior/Exterior design mod.


  • Thankyou to Blubb, for permission to use his eComponent assets from AnimationOverhaul — crafting mod.
  • Thankyou to Mechanica for making an improved compatability patch mod between this and his Forgotten Buildings Mod: Forgotten Buildings + Work Bench Variations Compatibility.
  • Thankyou to Lo-fi for allowing modifications to their game and proving the tools.
  • Credit to oi_io for the idea that upgraded storages should keep same footprint and expand vertically with ingame stats to reflect this.
  • Original mesh and textures by Lo-fi Games, manipulated by myself in Blender using Import/Export plug-in by Lof-fi Games, and Paint .net.

Feedback welcomed.

Steam ID: 1689573745.

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