Wandering Swordsman Start (Son of a Noble) - Kenshi мод

Автор: InfinityFire

Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет в Кенши ряд новых игровых стартов.

Description in English

A mod with various starts to spice up your Kenshi playthroughs 🙂

Wandering Swordsman


You’re hurt from a recent run-in with the Holy Nation. Man those guys really hate you. Finally, you stumble across a run down Waystation. Lucky you. You decide to stop for a while and get some much needed rest. After tossing a few coins to the barkeep, he gestures towards the beds with his chin. Shortly after a few hazy hours of a restless sleep, you awake once more; ready to continue your journey.

  • You’ve been wandering this barren wasteland they call Kenshi for some time now. The hours you’ve spent walking have blurred into days and those into years. You’ve picked up a couple tricks along the way, done what needed to be done to simply get by. You’re a seasoned swordsman now, your trusty blades have served you well over the past years. Where will they take you now?
  • You used to be a Flotsam Ninja recruit… never stuck around to finish your training though. Maybe you still have a couple friends in the various ninja groups.
  • Being a wanderer, you’ve hung around your fair share of outlaws. Not bad people once you get to know them.
  • Did I mention that you REALLY don’t like those Holy Nation guys… wait… is that a bounty poster with your face on it…?

An interesting start that will randomly place you in one of the various Waystations.

  • Start with 2000 cats.
  • Decent armor/weapons.
  • Good combat stats (mid 50’s).
  • Almost hostile relations with the Holy nation, but positive with several ninja groups.
  • Start with a 5000 bounty on your head.
  • Slightly injured.

Son of a Noble


The son (or daughter) of the Lord Ohta, a noble of the United cities. You’re sick of the cruelty of your father and his abusive treatment of the citizens of the empire. Today was the last straw. You decide to leave town. You quickly gather what money you find lying around and don your favorite armor and blades. You step out of your comfortable noble house and out into the dusty streets of Heft. Take a deep breath, adventure awaits.

  • You still have some friends within the UC, you always were nice to everyone you met.
  • Your father won’t be too happy about this, he and his noble friends now look down on you. Consider yourself disowned.

Relatively easy start, a quick way to get going in the territories of the United Cities.

  • Start with decent stats (mostly above 30s).
  • 10000 cats for spending.
  • High tier armor/weapons.
  • Allied with the UC.
  • Negative starting relations with noble lords.

Son of Noble + Bodyguards

(Very Easy/Easy)

The same lore/background as the «Son of a Noble» start, but this time your loyal retainers decided to tag along.

  • Starts with 15,000 cats (instead of 10,000)
  • Two fairly strong fighters to accompany you at the beginning of the game

Impoverished Noble’s Son

(Very Hard)

Your eyes snap open. You inhale. Exhale. Your lips are dry. The taste of something… metallic lingers on your tongue. You sit up slowly, wincing at the sudden pain in your torso. For several minutes, you sit there in a gloomy state, unaware of your surroundings. Your head finally clears up enough to register what is painted before your eyes. Fire. Your home is destroyed. Your mother and father lay dead before your feet. Their blood dyeing the sands red. Several more ruined bodies are scattered around them. You take a shaky breath, trying to recall what happened. Suddenly, it comes flooding back to you. Bandits, killing, death. And blood, so much blood. Something about money as well? Debts to pay… «not enough cats, never enough cats…» you remember your father saying.

You slowly crawl to your father’s lifeless corpse. His stomach and chest are utterly destroyed. Next to him, your mother’s face is unrecognizable; her once beautiful features now maimed and her body violated. Your eyes sting. This is no time for tears. A glint in the sand. You reach out and grip your father’s treasured longsword, miraculously not looted from his body, and hold it close to your chest. Tucked in his coat pocket, you see his journal and a small note. You stuff those into your pocket before kissing your parents one last goodbye.

After saying a few final words to your beloved parents, you rise, vowing to get your vengeance on whoever did this. You’ll kill the whole damned world if need be. Clutching your father’s sword with newfound vigor, you step forward. Welcome to Kenshi.

  • Your father is dead. Turns out he owed more debts than just to the bandits. I guess those debts are yours now.
  • You’re still young, much too young for this. You were taught the basics of swordfighting, but you still have a long ways to go before you can fend for yourself.
  • Your estate is destroyed, your family is dead. Everything you once loved is gone. Days of weary travel have let you near Tengu’s Vault. Maybe you can get your bearings from here… wait a minute… this might not be the best place to rest… GRAB YOUR SWORD AND ♥♥♥♥ING RUN…!

A rather difficult start, but still interesting to play nonetheless.

  • Start out with 50000 in debt.
  • Very low stats.
  • No armor, but god tier sword.
  • Start out in Tengu’s Vault (do try not to become enslaved right away).

My first mod, so forgive me if I’ve overlooked anything or not everything is working as intended. I’m still learning my way around the Kenshi FCS.

Some things that might not be working correctly are as follows:

  • I’d like to add some dialogue to one of my characters, but I can’t seem to get it to trigger. This is by no means necessary to the start, but it would be nice to have. If anyone knows how to set up a one time announcement dialogue, please let me know in the comments, thanks.

If there’s anything else I can add to make this mod more enjoyable (such as different relations with factions or starting money) please let me know

Also, if anyone would like to see another specific start added, or something changed in the already existing starts, please say so in the comments, or better yet, the discussion page.

I do plan to update this will other various starts when I occasionally have the time/interest. A rating or comment would be appreciated. 🙂

Works well with the United Cities Aren’t Dead! mod.

Also as well with Reactive World and Stronger Group Combat but who doesn’t already have those?

Steam ID: 1672453209.

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