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Описание на русском языке

Мод, под названием «Umbra Backpacks» (Умбра Рюкзаки), добавляет в игру Kenshi новых пять видов рюкзаков:

  • Основной, Гибридный, Героический, Легендарный и, наконец, Божественный.

Все они имеют одинаковое внутреннее пространство 30×25, и все они снижают нагрузку на 100%. Различаются лишь тем, что каждый уровень имеет различные установки вместимости предметов (количество стеков) и каждый из них дает разное количество бонусов.

Description in English

Have you always dreamed of having a good backpack to carry several items for a long time? Or are you tired of losing all the fights at the beginning of your journey?

If so, then this Mod is for you!

I present you the Umbra Backpacks!

These backpacks will help at the beginning of your journey or even make you become a god among mortals!

They are divided into 5 tiers: Basic, Mule, Heroic, Legendary and finally Godly

All have the same 30×25 internal space, but each tier can carry more stackable items with less space, and all have a encumbrance reduction of 100%.

(I plan on switching to a system of levels so it does not continue so OP, but for this i need some feedback…)

The Basic backpack has 10 bonus and have 100x stack multiplier.

The Mule backpack is the same as Basic but have 500x stack multiplier.

The Heroic backpack has 50 bonus and have 250X stack multiplier.

The Legendary backpack has 100 bonus and have 500x stack multiplier.

And lastly the Goldy backpack has 1000 bonus and have 1000x stack multiplier.

These «bonuses» are the basic atributes given by the backpacks: combat skill, stealth, combat speed, athletics and dodge.

I intend to polish and balance everything over time…


By request I added 2 new backpacks without any bonus besides the stack bonus for the basic and mule versions, great for people who want a more difficult game but want to carry many things!


These backpacks are a copy of the Small Thief Backpack with changed atributes, when buying, carefully read the names to differentiate, you can find these backpacks for sale in Travel Gear shops and Random Things shops all around the map.

If you have any questions, just ask or look in the questions/answers/sugestions discusion tab.

Don’t forget to rate my mod if you liked!

This is literally my first Mod so sorry for my bad english and I hope you enjoy it.

By request i maded a Umbra W. Chest, take a look: Umbra Warehouse Chest.

Steam ID: 1581603761.

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