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Автор: Tabby
The Iron Overmind - Kenshi мод (изображение 2)
The Iron Overmind - Kenshi мод (изображение 3)

Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет в игру Кенши новый город, контролируемый новой фракцией Скелетов-Рабов под названием «Железный Сверхразум» (Iron Overmind). Он расположен недалеко от западного побережья (Western Coast), над Вайном (Vain) и в Дреге (Dreg). Врагами новой фракции являются Святая Нация и все остальные Бандиты/Людоеды, но к игроку они дружелюбны.

Также с этим модом добавляется новый игровой старт — Iron Overminder (переделанный Wanderer Start).

Description in English

Introducing the Town of Node, controlled by a new faction of Slaver Skeletons called The Iron Overmind. They’re situated close to the Western Coast, above the Vain and in the Dreg. Their enemies consist of the Holy Nation and all Bandit/Cannibal types. Will be friendly to players.

Within the small and unenclosed town, you will find a Mechanical Shop, 2 Bars, a Weapon Shop, a Slaver Shop, and an Ancient Lab where the Machinists are researching the lost world! Though they don’t have special deals on many items, they do have quite the quality assortment of weapons to choose from in their Shop!

Also, Introducing the Overmind Mine in Okran’s Gulf. This could be considered the Overmind’s base of operations for their Slaving Operations against the Holy Nation and all weaklings throughout the lands. If you aren’t an «Iron Overminder», it is suggested you stay away from this place if you value your freedom!

There is also a new Start-Up called Iron Overminder — It is a repositioned Wanderer Start in Node, where you start with no other bonuses than having a +100 to The Iron Overmind reputation, rendering them your family. Will you move their enslaving scourge across the «Holy» Lands and bring down Okran?

Steam ID: 908868009.

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