The Benevolent Swordsman Start & Reverse Blade Katanas - Kenshi мод

Автор: Tabby

Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет новый игровой старт «Benevolent Swordsman» и новое оружие «Reverse Blade Katana».

Description in English

Introducing the Benevolent Swordsman Start — You will begin in the Shek Deserts of Last Stand, coming far from the East. You’re in decent and mobile clothing with a sword that sings of a violent past. Forged ages ago, it is unlike most of the Katanas you see people of the West weilding — No, this blade is for Peace. But how will you use it?

Introducing the Reverse Blade Katana, a variant of the original Katana to be given a harder hitting style, but with the strength of Blunt damage rather than Cutting. In comparison, it will give:

  • +2 Attack & Defense.
  • .75 Bleeding Multiplier.
  • 1.25 Blunt Damage Multiplier.
  • .75 Cutting Damage Multiplier.

So while this weapon will mainly be used to break your opponent, rather than kill them, it is perfect for recruiting. . or capturing others for whatever deeds you have in mind. Wish to enslave a force with your Eastern Knowledge, or will you bring Peace to this world of chaos?

Can be found in many different shops, but mostly those pertaining to Eastern Culture — Such as Mongrel or the UC. Most won’t use this weapon as it’s strange and unique to the West, using Jittes instead. Show them the power of the Blunt Edge!

Is also connected to the Katana Blueprint, so you can build your own, also!

Steam ID: 909370589.

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