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Описание на русском языке

Небольшой мод для улучшения качества жизни, который добавляет Survival Tents (палатки для выживания), которые можно развернуть в дикой природе.

Палатки, по своим механикам, являются улучшенными лагерными кроватями с защитой от кислотных дождей.

Палатки средних и больших размеров могут лечить более одного человека за раз, поэтому они могут сэкономить время на лечении, когда у вас есть отряд полный раненых бойцов.

Description in English

About This Mod

A small quality of life mod that adds Survival Tents that can be deployed out in the wild. The tents are basically an upgraded Camp Beds with acid rain protection. The medium and large ones can heal more than one person at a time so can be a time saver when you have a squad full of injured fighters.

What’s Included

Survival Tent — 1x (Small)

  • A small tent for ONE person.
  • Requires one Tent Kit to build.

Survival Tent — 3x (Medium)

  • Medium sized survival tent that can fit up to THREE people at the same time.
  • Requires three Tent Kits to build.

Survival Tent — 5x (Large)

  • A large survival tent that can fit up to FIVE people at the same time.
  • Requires five Tent Kits to build.

Kit Maker

  • A makeshift kit maker station, used for making Tent Kits.
  • Requires no resource and no power to run.
  • Takes one worker 30 minutes (when using default settings) to produce one Tent Kit.
  • Requires one Building Material to build.

Tent Kit

  • Used for building Survival Tents.
  • Put together in Kit Maker.
  • Made from scavenged parts from the wild so it’s practically free.

Shared Features

Each survival tent share these features:

  • Same healing rate as vanilla Camp Bed (x4) when sleeping.
  • Protection against acid rain.
  • Does not create town.

How To Get The Tech

All of the tents (and the Kit Maker) in this mod are unlocked by default so you should be able to build it without needing to learn any new tech. It’s basically a tarp, draped over a stick, supported by more sticks. Not exactly rocket science.

You can find the tents and Kit Maker under CAMPING category in the BUILD menu. If you didn’t see it there, please look again. If you have looked carefully and it’s still not there, try importing your savefile. If importing doesn’t help, let me know.


The tents are not kidnap/projectile proof so please be aware of your surrounding when setting it up. Any random fogman/cannibal can just walk up to the tents and pick you up. The curtain/covers on either end of the tents are just there to hide the jankiness within. It offers zero protection against intruders.

Please don’t peek inside the medium/large tents when it’s occupied. It’s kinda rude. If you happen to peek by accident, just pretend that you didn’t see what’s going on inside. Trust me, it’s better that way.

The collisions are not perfect. It’s the best I can do with the shape of the structure. If you like this mod, you can show your support by giving it a thumbs up rating. I’ll consider expanding this mod in the future if there’s enough support for it. Thanks! 😀

Very Important Notes

Due to technical limitations, you will not be able to interact with anyone sleeping in the Medium/Large Survival Tents. Once they’re sleeping inside the tents, you will not be able to pick/medic/splint/trade with them until they get up.

Do not put animals in the Medium/Large Survival Tent. You will not be able to pick them up again unless you dismantle the tent.

The Small Survival Tent is not affected by this technical limitation/issue. Lore wise, let’s just pretend that they’re very comfortable sleeping inside the larger tents and just don’t want to be disturbed. ;p

Steam ID: 1861940196.

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