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Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет в игру Kenshi большое количество нового контента: города, крупные и незначительные фракции, бродячие отряды, предметы (оружие и доспехи), изменения ИИ, знания, два новых игровых старта и состояния мира.

Description in English

Started work on this a few weeks ago as a mod for me and my friends and now have it at a stage where i’m happy to release it to the public and start getting feedback and suggestions on how to improve, so lets get started.

This mod adds a large amount of new content to the hook region which includes cities, factions, items, AI changes, lore, two new starts and world states. Below i will go in to detail about the new factions and cities, but for people who just want to quickly know what the mod adds i will add a brief list just before that.


  1. Brief Summary.
  2. Major Factions (Detailed).
  3. Minor Factions (Detailed).
  4. Cities (Detailed).
  5. Relations.
  6. AI Improvements.

Brief Summary

  • New Major factions added The Kingdom and Gillies Trade Union.
  • New Minor factions added The Hashers, The Clowns, The Slummers and Rizzo’s Rats.
  • New Locations added The Grand Bazaar, Gillie’s Settled Town, Gillie’s Hold, Swordan, Kingdoms Kights Acadamy and Rizzo’s Tower.
  • New roaming squads to the Hook including Kindomg army, Gillie slaver, Gillie’s Travelling Bazaar, Rat attack, Hashers, Clowns.
  • New weapons Swish Great Sword and Clowns Shiv.
  • New Unique armour styles for some of the factions.
  • Improved AI to make the new areas feel more alive and real.
  • New world states allow for multiple different take over of the new cities depending on different criteria.

Major Factions

Gillie’s Trade Union

Originally nomads that eventually settled south of clownsteady due to the easy supply of trade they slowly grew from here, as the Union gained more and more wealth their greed grew too. In the present time the Union is more of a mixture between legitmate trader’s and criminals, they buy and sell all goods usually for a decent price. Ruled over by the Grand Sultan Gillie he controls the most influence over the other smaller gangs and main interest is increasing his coffers. Allied with the slave traders and United cities they provide an unignorable amount of wealth for these nations.

The Kingdom

The Kingdom are a relatively new appearance compared to the United Cities or Holy Nation but they have quickly made a name for themselves. With a strict feudal military styled society they see war as the only way to settle differences. Reigned over by King Swish some whisper that he is mad with power, but i wouldn’t say that near any of his knights as they are a force to be reckoned with. This aggressive strategy though has left the Kingdom without allies in a dangerous world.

Minor Factions

The Hashers

The Hashers are a criminal gang purely comprised of exiled Hivers, cut off from their queens the drones started to use hashish as a way to fill the void. This led to the princes taking advantage suppling the Hive addicts with hash they had gained a constant supply of income and with Hive Soldiers acting as personal enforcement for the kingpin Hashenburg they can prove dangerous to anger.

The Clowns

Originating from Clownsteady and ariving at the Grand Bazaar these outlaws quickly banded together for protection in the rather rough city. Soon after a talented armour smith known as Ned Kelly took over as leader and From here they combined their different skills to establish a successful armour dealing network. Now the go to place for armour within the Grand Bazaar is the Clowns.

The Slummers

The Grand Bazaar is a dangerous place to live without protection and in the slums you can’t afford food let alone mercenaries. So the Slummers did the next best thing, band together for protection and although individually weak slummers always bring friends.

Knights Doctors

The Knights Doctors are the best thing to come out of the Kingdom, a group of doctors and surgeons that are funded by the Kingdom they will help any injured in sight even strangers. Usually found within their HQ the Great Knights Recovery or following at the back of a Kingdom army, they are always a welcome sight.

Rizzo’s Rats

Recently reports of bonedogs with red painted fur have been seen attacking anyone in sight. Led by a new type of cannibal tribe not much is known about Mad Rizzo except that hes not very nice, has a very large bounty and is somewhere in the west of the Hook.

New Locations

Gillie’s Grand Bazaar

The capital of Gillie’s Trade Union so grand its in the name quickly grew to the largest city within the hook inflated by outlaw refugees. All things are accepted at the Bazaar from drugs to slavery, if it has potentional to profit then the Sultan will allow it. This city is a great way to make a good profit and easily offload your hashish if you produce it. Though be warned if you are knocked out in this city within the sight of any bazaar guards, you’ll be in a slave cage before you know it. Filled bars and traders the main attraction are the Bazaars themselves each being stocked randomly with a large range of goods so be sure to check all of them on a regular basis.


Housing the Throne of King Swish himself the capital of The Kingdom is one of the most defended locations in the Hook, filled with Knights and Squires crime here is almost nill apart from a hasher problem but usually the guards turn a blind eye to them as they only deal to hivers. Swordan also houses the Grand Knights Recovery so the city has doctors patrolling around on a daily basis. With this in mind its hard to die within these walls, but you can easily end up in a prison for the rest of your days. A good profit can be made bringing The Kingdoms many bounties on Gillies Union members.

Kingdoms Knights Acadamy

From this acadamy all of the Kingdoms knights are trained, filled with squires and Drill Sergeants its always well defended, the Knight Grandmaster rules here answering only to King Swish. But if the Grandmaster were to fall then who knows what faction would move in but im guessing it wouldnt be good.

Gillie’s Settled Town

As Gillie’s Trade Union grew in wealth so did it’s people so overflow towns started to pop up around the bazaar, this town is the only remaining such example of these towns. Mostly comprised of nomads or farmers with a few mercenaries, its slowly growing in to a new Bazaar with slave traders and shops started to string up.

Gillie’s Hold

Untill recently this was the site of another of Gillies Towns but soon after The Kingdom declared war on the union and this town became ground zero, now only occupied by soldiers of both sides it acts as a defensive boundry for the Union stopping the Kingdom advancing on The Bazaar. This location is almost in always in constant battle so can be a nice location for a scavenger…just dont get caught up in the fighting.

Rizzo’s Tower

In the west of the Hook its been reported a tower has recently been occupied by a man known as Mad Rizzo, he’s highly dangerous and should only be approached if you’re a bounty hunter or looking for death.


  • The Kingdom and Gillie’s Trade Union untill recently were at peace and trading between each other. But after several ‘accidental’ raids on Union caravans by The Kingdom, all trade was stopped. seeing this as an act of aggression by the Union as it completely cut them off from the rest of the land the Kingdom declared war.
  • The gangs within the cities generally avoid the major factions due to them being heavily outgunned but will fight between themselves.
  • Rizzo’s Rats attack anyone.

AI Improvements

Ive made alot of AI improvements for these new factions just to make the towns feel more realistic. Would say more but running out of typing space.

Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated and a rating if you’re even kinder ^_^ Custom dialogue is slowly being added, king swish and the sultan have their own lines now!

Steam ID: 1701081203.

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