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Автор: Swishos
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Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет в игру Кенши новый пользовательский старт, новые диалоги между персонажами (+1000 строчек текста), фракции (8), локации (11), захватываемые города (15), уникальных рекрутов (12), доспехи и оружие, контент, основанный на морской тематике, и многое другое.

Description in English

The East Coast Expansion

After spending endless hours writing like a pirate its finally in a state im happy to release, my idea for this mod mainly stemmed from the fact that the map has port cities already which would say that naval trade is a thing so why wouldnt their be people pillaging these trade routes. This mod is similar to The Hook Expansion but adds alot more from dialogue to Locations. Adding upon the Forbidden Isle, Eastern parts of the Outlands, Greenbeach and the Pits East. With an more interactive skeleton start that introduces you with a starting quest and a bit of story, oh and remember to rate the mod if you’re feeling generous ^^


  • Brief Summary
  • Custom Start (Detailed)
  • Factions (Detailed)
  • Towns (Detailed)
  • Extra Details

Brief Summary

  • Custom Dialogue lines — 1000+
  • New Factions — 8
  • New Locations — 11
  • City Takeovers — 15
  • Unique Recruits — 12
  • Expanded dialogue throughtout the modded areas.
  • Massively pirate themed ARRRR
  • UC campaign to capture the pirate cities and expand their borders.

Custom Start — ‘Lost Skeleton’

New custom start ive tried to make a bit more interesting and interactive than normal ones. You wake up outside gearcove after recently being repaired by the Metal Bone Pirates, you will be greeted shortly after waking up. You begin with economy legs and arms as thats all they had to patch you up. From here it will lead you along a questline to ally with the Metal Bones and help them spread out.


The Brethren of the Coast

More of an alliance of different pirate crews rather than a solo force, when all the pirates unite this is the name they give themselves. The great pirate war was brought to an abrupt end by the Pirate King when he forced all the fighting crews to bend the knee or die. Now only a few still stand agaisnt this pirate force.

The Corsair Crafters

The Corsairs started out as the Pirate Kings own crew, they were well known for being the most disciplined and toughest pirates to the east. Shortly after the unification of the crews, the corsairs were designed to fit two roles the Kings personal army and crafters in the spare time, to help boost their economy while using materials they pirated.

Grog Power

As their name would suggest these guys are the main producers of grog in the east. Pirates love grog so buisness is always booming for these pirates.

Brigand Shipwrights

Renowned across the pirate realm as the best ship builders…well best when you consider they are welding scrap together and hoping it floats. But these guys make things float the best out of the pirate crews.

Metal Bone Pirates

Although they are a part of the Brethren of the Coast the Metal Pirates are constantly discriminated agaisnt as not ‘real’ pirates mostly because they can’t swim. Regardless of this they have established a powerful band of skeletons and even their own town of Gearcove.

The Black Beards

Black Beard once stood side by side with his brother in the great pirate war. But once the war was ended and a new Pirate King declared by that same brother he grew jealous. The Black Beards are the only pirate crew left that still stands agaisnt the Brethren. They attack on sight and enjoy gathering slaves for their work camps.

The Sohei

Atop a small mountain west of the pirate capital lies the Sohei. A peaceful group of warriormonks their life goal is to achieve enlightenment. They believe training the body to its limit is one of the steps to state, so they prove to be deadly in combat. Most pirates know not to mess with these monks.

The Jotunn

The myth of giants to the east has always been a tale told in old sailors bars, but are they true?



The great pirate capital Tortuga is the largest city on the east coast by far, a massive pit of crime and piracy the shear volume of pirates in the area are what keep it safe. Currently inhabited by five different pirate crews.


A city soley comprised of skeletons the Metal Bone Pirates made this city after the constant abuse they would get from the ‘fleshy’ pirates. Now they have their own safe haven for skeletons looking to do some good ol’ piracy.

Cog’s Crow Nest

South of Gearcove sits the crows nest, high atop a cliff face it acts as a lookout for the Metal Bones. Just south of them is the ashlands and they have had some issues with the second legion in the past. it also acts as the main prison for the metal bones.


Hidden within the tight spaces of a canyon lies the the town of Grogery. From here the east is supplied with its huge demand for grog.

Todai Dera

Home to the Sohei monks this temple fortress is a rare safe refuge in the brutal world of kenshi, treat them well and they will treat you well. However the scrolls the monks spend their entire life writing are worth a fair amount…

Fort Cragrock

Recently the United Cities has shown interest in the east, this base has been created as a staging ground for the invasion in to the pirate realm.

Black Beards Fortress

A large fortress and home of Black Beard its mostly a large slave camp.

Black Beards Gully

This is just a large slave camp.

Also added a few hidden ruins and camps for quests that i wont spoil here, however map above will show areas that have been changed incase you were wondering.

Extra Details

The mod has 15 city takeovers allowing for multiple different factions to take the new towns, depending on world states.

New armour and weapons (mostly used by the Sohei Monks).

With over 1000 lines of custom dialogue all added to just the expanded area adds lots more depth and lore to the mod. For example most pirate bars will have a drunken storyteller, who will tell stories to the bar from a list of 15 different ones all custom written and relevant to kenshi lore.

A big part of this mod was to make it as ‘kenshi’ as possible, so each faction has people who explains their origins and how it fits in with the larger world of kenshi.

A few easter eggs as always with my mods.

Custom quests added to a few of the towns/factions.

That about covers all the big changes the mod makes, might be some little details and such i have forgotten about but as always leave feedback and suggestions 🙂

P.S. Regarding future projects i’m currently working on a large collab mod that will include this and the hook expansion and this may be the last standalone expansion i make as all future content will be put in to the mega mod. (This doesnt mean ive stopped updating my current mod though)

Steam ID: 1722960608.

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