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Автор: zartury
Storage Sheds - Kenshi мод (изображение 2)
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Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет в игру Кенши новое хранилище. Также добавляет игровые предметы, которые являются лишь декоративными украшениями (их можно использовать, например, для того, что было легче вспоминать, что находится в тех или иных хранилищах).

Description in English

Storage is a bit of a hassle in this game. No really, it is. But, instead of making a shack, spamming a bunch of storage bins for 1 type of material, while leaving room for all the characters to access it normally, why not store it in the shack itself? Some tech is required to research it, however, it requires little to no research time. Cost of building it is equal to a normal stack. It gets its very own building tab, to make it easy to find what type of shed you want.

Need research level 3 minimum for most tier 1 level sheds, research level 4 for most tier 2 level sheds and so on. A shed will not unlock unless you have either researched the storage for the item previously or the building required to produce item or have reached a particular tech level (this is mostly for AI cores and stuff of that nature).

It is possible that the storage shed will not update to new limit after upgrade. Just save and reload save and you will be fine (thanks R3j3k for heads up on that).

The concept of storage amount is how much of a item can fit into a 6×6 box one thousand times, so depending on the item size, it can vary as to how much it can store that item.

Also added in-game assets that don’t count as anything but decoration. Use it to decorate your shacks to help you remember what it contains (you can put some of these decorations on the roofs of these storage sheds).

Steam ID: 1129542469.

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