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Автор: HeroinAction
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Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет в игру новые продукты питания, связанные с соей (и не только). Прекратите убивать животных из-за мяса!

Description in English

The year is 5501. The world is a barren, infertile wasteland. Starving people everywhere.

Research of ancient film rolls brings you the answer: Soylent Green.

Try industrial scale extraction from nutritions from protein rich food like soy* or lentil* now! Let nothing go to waste!

(*no soy or lentil included, maybe try available body parts).

End animal cruelty today, by abstaining from animal meat!

Get yourself an Soylent GreenTM protein extractor NOW. ONLY HERE*.


NOW WITH NEW BEAN MIXER! — Caution adviced, it may cause dismemberment (buildable peeler, and minced meat).

If you say «no cannibalism», it’s not cannibalism!!!


Adds powered «Protein extractors» (with lvl 3 research) to your game, which automatically extract ~1 kg Soylent Green from limbs over 24h. (late game research to increase speed subsequently up to 3 x).

Soylent Green can be eaten right away or cooked with regular food for increased nutritional values (more research necessary; also, late game powered automatic cooker researchable increased speed).

Also adds a large «raw soy storage» for limbs and a storage for Soylent Green. Don’t worry about refrigeration, spoilage will be removed by the extractor ;). Automatic collection works for the cookers/storage.

Also adds a Version of the skin peeler which produces minced meats and dismembers corpses (or not so dead victims), which can also be turned to Soylent green.


Legs have to be cooked in pairs, you need both «beans» for a balanced diet. Unluckily every species/ has to have their own cooker for arms (lA, rA) and legs (L). The drops were simplified (only 1 type of hiver legs/human legs drops now — END LIMB DISCRIMINATION NOW!). Dead hiver legs have a good dead look for severed legs anyway.

Known issue

Cooking automation for eatable items (Soylent green) does not work well. So, for now: high stack sizes to compensate/avoid manual grind. Automation for the meat grinder does not work well as well, as of now, since its basically the vanilla skin peeler).

Please report bugs/incompatibilities you encounter.

Steam ID: 1320388641.

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