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Автор: Inflectus
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Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет в игру новую фракцию Shun Exiles, город Desolation, the «Mongrel of the South» (где-то в Shun), новых наемников, нового кузнеца, продающего обычные и уникальные оружия и новый сценарий (Escaped Slave). Также можно выполнять задания лидера этой фракции, повышая тем самым с ними отношения, что в итоге откроет возможность запрашивать у них поддержку.

Description in English

The Exiles is a mod which adds a fully fleshed-out faction: the Shun Exiles. In addition to this faction a new city is added (somewhere in Shun): Desolation, the «Mongrel of the South». Desolation is a home to misfits. Outsiders. Escaped slaves. Nobodies.

You can encounter their patrols in Shun, their hunters setting up camp (rarely), and even speak to their leader: Saviour. Saviour will have a quest chain (which is limited, but last I checked fully functional) which you can complete at various stages, enhancing his trust with you and eventually leading to your ability to ally with the Shun Exiles (for a cost). In addition to this, you will gain the ability to request his support (which, depending on your luck, can result in either extremely valuable or extremely poor grants of resources every week or few days), even if you choose not to become a true ally. Whether you want to become an Exile or not, you are rewarded in the long-term for your help.

In addition to this, it adds a unique NPC named Mandible (with potentially two more NPCs in development). He is a Hive Soldier with reasonable stats, and an even more reasonable cost, ranging from 10,000 cats to not a single coin. This depends entirely on your circumstances when speaking to him.

One of two new vendor NPCs added is Smith, the resident blacksmith, who operates a weapons shop selling, primarily, prototype to standard grade equipment you’d typically find on Samurai patrols. His most valuable asset, however, are his weapons, which are unique to his shop (and the Exiles which wield them). Their manufacturer is on par with Catun Scrapmaster, but where Catun excells in blunt weapons, Exile Arms excels at cutting weapons (exclusive to whichever weapon types the faction uses on its units).

The other NPC added is a Hiver named Brewmaster. You won’t find his booze anywhere in the world, since it’s so friggin’ popular all the bars typically run dry within hours. Still, for a hefty cost (again determinate on your dialogue choices) you can become «business partners». This enables you to purchase his booze at a relatively low price, which can then be sold at a higher value (dependent on how far away the target settlement is from Desolation). It is a very long-term investment that can go a long way in making you wealthy.

Additionally, a new starting scenario was added: the Escaped Slave. You don’t start with much, but you’ll start in Desolation (albeit enemies with the United Cities) with a very specific stat-sheet that might reward early base building or combat (once you refine your actual combat skills and get some cats to your name).

Aside from that, there is not much else to see. In the future I’ll be working to introduce new Unique NPCs, and possibly expand the influence of the Exiles across Kenshi (or at least Shun). Additionally, I’ll be adding campaigns for the Exiles to send against the player (ranging from friendly to hostile). For now, enjoy!

Steam ID: 1120416653.

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