Shiranui Mai - Kenshi мод

Автор: drm9900

Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет в игру Кенши три части экипировки, которые позволят косплеить Mai Shiranui.

Можно запустить отдельный игровой старт, который позволит получить сразу же эту одежду, или же ее можно будет купить у торговца-вора, или создать самостоятельно.

Description in English


The mod is my first working, it still has some problems to be solved but I could’t fix it temporarily.

The mod mainly contains 3 amours to cosplay Shiranui_Mai, the game gives you a test starting to show its clothing effect. Also you can buy these amours in ninja thief’s shopper or update your tech levels to make them (research and making clothes have not been tested). It is recommended not to match any other armor with these three amours, or you have better ideas just do yourself 🙂


  1. The sample image show you icludes other beautify mods (jrpg mods, 18+ mods, etc…), you should find any mods you need by yourself.
  2. In game these amours’ icon could not display properly. Though I set some icon files, it still not works…
  3. Due to the limitations of armours’ model, there are some stretch and tearing in games. I have limited ability to solve that.
  4. You can set character’s data in the test starting with the amours. Please try to avoid exaggerated data, the mod can’t adapt well to it.
  5. The mod has no english version. If you need, you can translate it by yourself.
  6. Anyone can use the mod to make new mods, but you should notify me in advance. 🙂

Steam ID: 1832463528.

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