Salvage Plus - Kenshi мод

Автор: Inflectus
Salvage Plus - Kenshi мод (изображение 2)
Salvage Plus - Kenshi мод (изображение 3)

Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет предметы Скелетов в равнины каннибалов (Cannibal Plains).

Description in English

Fancy yourself digging through the wastes, eh? Perhaps you are a devout Okranite, dedicated to your purpose in cleansing the world of Skeleton boogeymen? Famed cannibal hunter, who only wishes his prey would turn up better profits? Blunt weapon specialist, but not very fond of iron sticks and clubs on your way to obtaining your first jitte?

Speak no more! Salvage Plus aims to amend these issues with Skeleton-specific salvaged goods, found nowhere other than the Cannibal Plains.

Cannibals are thrifty people. Figuring out that they can’t eat skeletons, they decided it’s better to bludgeon them for parts! They sure are crude arms (literally in some cases), but in your hands they might prove valuable weapons to cast upon your enemies (if not offensive)!


Many skeletons were harmed in the making of this mod.


I do not plan on making these things obtainable as death items on skeletons, nor as craftables. I want this to be a mod that drags attention to the Cannibal Plains and her lovely inhabitants, whilst also providing them with a bit more variety to their arsenal.

Steam ID: 923802678.

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