Reptilian Warriors (Swamper Faction Overhaul) - Kenshi мод

Автор: Zenith
Reptilian Warriors (Swamper Faction Overhaul) - Kenshi мод (изображение 2)

Описание на русском языке

Простой мод, который добавляет в игру Kenshi новую расу воинов-рептилий которые хороши в выполнении физических задач и которые слабы в большинстве задачах, связанных со знаниями. Основной их сильной стороной является плавание.

Также мод добавляет новый игровой старт, благодаря которому можно начать игру в «Liztown».

Description in English

This is a mod created to add a race of Reptilian Warriors to the game, which are great at physical things & poor at most knowledge skills, but a major boost to all swimming.
(At the moment, they simply look like Dead Hive Princes, as I am not quite to creatng a new model for them, but unlike other hive characters, you are able to equip full armor to your Reptilian).

As well as creating the playable Reptilian race, it includes a new start mode to drop you into the city of «Liztown» (aka Shark. name will be changed later, this is just for giggles at the moment). Liztown is populated with skeletons, shek, and reptilians, all of which pledge their allegiance to the Reptilian flag. I plan to have the reptilians be an aggressive race that takes over the swamp lands & drives out all human influence. They are extremely aggressive to any human factions, but shouldn’t be found outside of the swamp.

If you havent chosen the reptilian prince start, then they will be hyper aggressive towards the player.

At the moment, They are pretty strong, though I’m unsure if I overdid their strength. I am willing to incorporate a lot of different elements of other mods into this to make it more enjoyable for players, but I need some help testing out how well the faction interacts & plays out.

This is a rough mod, to say the least. Hope you enjoy. Any and all comments, suggestions, or tips are welcome.

Steam ID: 903479141.

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