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Описание на русском языке

Мод вносит большое разнообразие в игровой процесс, добавляя в игру новые расы, города, диалоги, патрули, предметы, игровые старты и поля для сражений.

Description in English

Project Eternia is an expanded vision inspired from the base game. There have been buffs and debuffs added to every race to make their roles more prominent in the game. There have also been a number of new races added to give more flair to the world, as well as more roaming parties to be seen out in the wilderness! Hopefully this, as well as other mods if you desire, will make your experience that much more fun! Will likely update as time goes on.

New Races


Red-skinned Humans who are immune to Dust Storms and follow a religion of Death in opposition to the Holy Nation! With a culture of aggression and death rituals, they refuse to work on menial tasks like farming or cooking — Instead, they only wish to be out on the field disemboweling foes.

Skeleton Droid, Terminator, and Replicant

Skeleton Droid, Terminator, and Replicant have replaced the original lacking design of Skeleton. Now they are specificly made for Scientific Pursuit, War, and Stealth, respectively.


Short fae-like peoples that have an extreme speed while swimming in water. They aren’t really physically built for mercenary work, but make up the greatest Scientific and Engineering minds in the known world.


Huge, Green, and Mean. These hulking monsters are really only ever seen skulking about in the wastes in small roaming groups, taking back settlers and fallen soldiers to their little hidey-holes! Rumor believes they transform others into these beasts, but. . That could just be a story for why people don’t ever return!


Dark, Stealthy, and Hated by Most! These monsters do not have a true sense of civilization — Moving about the lands as shrieking and howling beasts that hunt after lone wanderers. It is said they live beneath the ground, constantly watching.


Short-statured and complete in muscle definition, these Cousins of Men are seen to be perhaps the greatest Smiths to ever live. Living primarily beneath the earthen crust, they only emerge when troubles in their own Kingdom have begun — Taking their affairs to the surface in a usually bloody manner. Friends to most races, they are loyal to a fault — and yet when they have an enemy, they will stop at nothing to defeat them.


Fat and Greedy, the Goblins are viewed in the world as some of the most depraved creatures to ever exist. Hunted by the Holy Nation for obvious persecution, these foul beasts wobble to the nearest towns and generally work on people’s vices. Employing other races as their protectors, they’re quite capable of figuring out any scientific theorem and engineering schematic.


Hailing from the mysterious North, these rock-like Beings can be found either roaming the wastes speaking in a guttural language, or standing in mass attendance without movement for days on end. It is said that these creatures hardly eat and are slow to heal, despite their incredible power.


These child-like Fae come from the Sky, falling randomly to the earth where they immediately start enacting elaborate ruses of trickery upon the Mortal races. Supremely mischeviously, they are viewed in the world as highly unstable as they can’t seem to finish any activity without their minds wandering off. Prone to short lifespans, they require little rest and yet eat a ton! Be wary of having too many of these in cities or they’ll eat the entire months of stocks in days.

New Towns

Ember City

Scorchlander village with a bar and some shops, as well as their leader, the Trade-Prince Abdullah. Known for his generosity in the Holy Nation, he is, however, a caravan terrorist in the Shek Kingdom. Any excellent mercenary group worth their salt may try to bring him in. .


Home and origin to the Ashlander people, it is a small walled off city with a geyser of Red Mist spewing from a mysterious device below their Temple. Believing themselves to be the chosen of the Great Demon Azrael, their leader, the Dark Queen Narko has positioned themselves against the Holy Nation’s town of Stack. — Worthy mercenaries may wish attempting to assault her and take her into the Holy Nation for her crimes.


A small and aggressive place to be, run by Ashlanders who often prey on travelers.

Old Town

Small and ruined little town with Thieves to sell goods to right outside Blister Hill. The peasants and misfits of the Holy Nation still live here under the Grace of Okran — But it’s one step from the trek to The Hub.

Mithrall Hall

A small little outpost without walls that hosts a bar and several shops of the Dwarven Masters. Joining the Holy Nation, they also travel about in the Name of Okran, delivering justice to the Dark Ones.


A large and primitive stronghold of the Orks, Trolls, and Goblins. They lay in the wastes behind several mountains in the West — Sending their forces against all Humans and Shek in an attempt to take the world over, claiming to have a right to do so!


A small seabound outpost led by Technomancer Shelly, a Sirenian wanted by the Hellscream Tribe for turning away their technology. Located in the Southwestern point of The Hook, the town’s recent appearance has brought the Hellscream Tribals against them in an effort to steal their supplies (current war between both sides)!

Tons Of Dialogue Added

  • Much flavor given to the new races. Maybe more will come in the future.

Lots Of New Roaming Parties

  • Friendly AND Hostile, though all are on the easy-side. Still, beware the Ork Raiding parties. . Or the Azrael Worshippers! Both may decide they want to take you with them!

New Items

  • Reverse Blade Katana — Powerful Blunting Katana with minor Cut/Bleed damage.
  • Green, Blue, Red O-Mikuji — Blessed Wrappings that can applied to players/NPCs that increase stats.

New Starts

  • Benevolent Swordsman — Small-time Adventurer from the East with a Reverse Blade Katana.
  • Dark Initiate — Wanderer Start with 100 Relations to Forsaken Bulwark (Ashlanders) — Easy way to level up by Patrolling with the Ashlanders against the Holy Nation. If your team is successful, or a random passerbyer of the FB notice you wounded, you will be tended to.
  • Poor Wanderer — A slightly harder Wanderer start.
  • Kin of the Hellscream Tribe — Wanderer Start at Crossroads, the Bastion of the Orks, Trolls, and Goblins. Faction Relations with them will be raised to 100.
  • With Dwarven Honor — Wanderer Start at Mithrall Hall, the Bastion of the Dwarves. Faction Relations with them will be raised to 100.

New Battleground

  • Deathwatch — An old outpost left behind by a more ancient time. Seen in the distance as a dark and foreboding city, much of it was left behind. However, now that the interior has proven to be incredibly valuable, the side that takes over will have a fortress and a foothold in the Eastern part of the Known World.
  • Alliances — Forsaken Bulwark & Hellscream Tribe vs Shek Kingdom vs The Holy Nation & Clan Battlehammer.

Race changes are in the pictures!!!

If you have any suggestions you’d like for me to add for the Mod, do let me know 🙂

  • Thanks to Avorto for his All Clothes Have Value mod!
  • Thanks to Arkhiel for his Ark Hair Mod!

Steam ID: 1087020672.

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