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Автор: Inflectus
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Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет в игру новое древковое оружие.

Description in English

Are you one of those edgy weirdos that like running into a fight wielding only a Hiver-made polearm, or Farmer Joe’s staff? Are you a fan of the current polearms, but want a bit more to your selection? Want to tenderize your next meal of Holy Tincan without getting up close and personal? Then I present to you…

Polearms Plus! Polearms plus aims to introduce a multitude of new polearms to the game, which are still Kenshi-friendly (as they, at least for now, are merely butchered weapons put together into a new one) in design.


Version 1.0

  • Heavy Staff: Heavier variant of the farmers staff, which has a higher weight (as implied by the name) but also greater blunt damage (25% more than the base staff) and value.
  • Spiked Staff: Similar to the Heavy Staff, but with the addition of spikes on either shod. The spikes inflict marginal cut damage, but great amounts of bleed.
  • Research for both of these weapons can be found after researching «Heavy Weapons» under the name «Heavy Staffs». The research topic costs 2 books and takes 4 hours to complete (under standard conditions).
  • These weapons can additionally be found at any vendor that sells staffs, but the rarity for the Heavy and Spiked variants are uncommon and rare (respectively).

Version 2.0

  • Whirlwind: Exotic weapon; the brainchild of an unknown (and possibly crazy) smith. The Whirlwind is the most devestating of all polearms with unparalleled cutting damage, but suffers in terms of balance and weight.
  • Research: Research requirements for «Heavy Staffs» (now under the name «Heavy Polearms») have been adjusted: you now require «Heavy Weapons» as well as the «Polearms» tech in order to unlock. Research for the Whirlwind falls under «Prototype Polearms», which requires «Heavy Polearms», 6 books, and tech level 3 to unlock.
  • The Whirlwind can also be found in Lost Armouries, or anywhere else weapon artifacts might be found. They are available in all qualities except Cross.

Steam ID: 920541875.

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