Peeler Machine - Kenshi мод

Автор: Xaveras

Описание на русском языке

Мод, под названием «Peeler Machine» (Шелушильня), добавляет возможность исследования и альтернативное место, где можно купить проект для «Шелушильня». Само это устройство предназначено для медленного и осторожного удаления наружных слоев того, что размещается внутри него. Его можно использовать в тех случаях, когда вы действительно ненавидите кого-то или хотите без лишних действий ампутировать чьи-то конечности (чтобы после заменить их на роботизированные). Также устройство производит шкуры животных.

Description in English

This mod adds the ability to research and an alternative place to buy the blueprint for «Peeler Machine»; designed to slowly and carefully remove the outer layers of whatever is put inside. It comes handy when you really hate someone or if you want to easily amputate somebody’s limbs (to replace them with robotics). Produces animal skins.

Thanks to this mod you can either research Peeler Machine on Research Bench III (it will appear in Electrics category) or buy the blueprint from Black Desert City Scraphouse vendor for 10,000. All that without meeting Savant, the bloodthirsty Leader of the Skin Bandits. Humans entering Skinhouse HQ are at risk of being kidnapped and skinned alive, which is probably not the most pleasant experience. Why not to make your life easier?

Building cost is set to 6 Electrical Components and 4 Iron Plates (found in POWER category).

Power consumption has been tweaked, to make things more «realistic», and the output rate is currently set to 8 (from 1) and power output to -10 (from 0).

Note 1

Currently there’s a known bug — unrelated to the mod — that occurs when the Peeler Machine is built outdoors and left turned on for too long(with a body inside). You can take out the carcass only if both its head and stomach didn’t reach -100; when it does, it’s utterly destroyed and just a visual glitch remains. This seems to happen only when the Peeler Machine is built outdoors so the simple workaround is to build it indoors. Also, you can assign a character to incinerate corpses and they’ll pick up the corpses you can’t otherwise pick up manually.

Note 2

Take off armor from the character you’ve put in, otherwise it’ll get destroyed.

Steam ID: 1396056759.

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