Paradise Falls Cannibals Edition - Kenshi мод

Автор: Cam32541
Paradise Falls Cannibals Edition - Kenshi мод (изображение 2)
Paradise Falls Cannibals Edition - Kenshi мод (изображение 3)
Paradise Falls Cannibals Edition - Kenshi мод (изображение 4)

Описание на русском языке

Это отдельная версия мода Paradise Falls Slavers Edition, в которой присутствуют лишь каннибалы. Мод позволяет играть за племя каннибалов, также мод добавляет город каннибалов, и содержит в себе другие особенности, направленные в сторону каннибалов.

Description in English

This is the Cannibals only version of Paradise Falls Slavers Edition.

  • Play as the Cannibals.
  • Added Cannibal Towns.
  • Play as a Small, Medium, or Large Tribe.

Must be playing as a Cannibal to do below.

Recruit any Cannibal to your party by talking to them.

  • Tell them to Follow and Protect you.
  • Tell them to raid a town.
  • Tell them to guard the base.
  • Tell them to convert to eating there prey alive.
  • Take the raw meat from your victims to a butcher table and get dried meat,

Use the firepit to cook into cooked meat for some food… or eat them alive… your choice…

  • More to come; More Cannibal bases and comands to give, buildings to use…

As all my mods include:

  • Maxed Recruitment Level of 256 and Squad Level of 70

This is the first mod from my «Paradise Falls Slavers Edition» That has been broken up from the main mod. If you have that mod as of right now there is no need for this version.

If you do not have that version and only want Cannibals and nothing elts, This is the mod you want.

I will be rolling out the Slavers, Fogmen, Wildlife as there own soon…

And the single versions will all work together like the Slavers edition does currently untill make the Slavers edition its very own.

Steam ID: 929953548.

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