Mutant Blood Spiders (Swamp) - Kenshi мод

Автор: FoxyAndris

Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет в игру больших кровавых мутантов-пауков — они достаточно сильны, но и имеют хороший лут.

Если возникнут проблемы совместимости с другими модами, разместите этот мод ниже других в списке загрузок модов.

Description in English

Aren’t you bored with the same old blood spiders? Well, now you have something to fear in the dark swamps of Kenshi. Huge Mutant Blood Spiders roam the swamps in search of unwary prey. They are big fellows who are hard to take down, but if you manage to be victorious, you get a small chance that it will yield a nice bounty together with some spider loot.

The spiders take up to 10 days to fully mature from the tiny insects they are, but don’t underestimate them based on their size. They will eat you alive as they absorb your life energy away from your body!

For compatibility purposes place this mod last in your load order, if you also have other mods that modify squad sizes and other such things.

Steam ID: 917851763.

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