Martial Arts Fast Dodger - Kenshi мод

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Martial Arts Fast Dodger - Kenshi мод (изображение 2)

Описание на русском языке

Мод делает так, чтобы анимация уклонения у мастеров боевых искусств срабатывала на 40% быстрее.

Мод не изменяет шансы на уклонение или другие анимации атак.

Description in English

Martial Artists dodge animations are 40% faster, so he won’t dodge dance during the whole fight.

The dodge move animations, compared to a blade block, take forever to be executed.
This mod makes your character dodge faster, so he’ll be able to attack in large fights.
It’s particularly true when you fight very fast attacking opponents, with a modded «max attack slots» at 5, and do a solo run : your character will almost never attack, just dodge dance.

This mod corrects that.


  • This doesn’t improve your dodge chances, only the time required to execute the animation.
  • Attack animations are unchanged.

This mod works very well with «Martial Arts No Matrix Dodge», if you only want your character to dodge by stepping back, instead of matrix dodging.

Steam ID: 1615762959.

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