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Автор: GrosPhallus
Loads of plausible weapons - Kenshi мод (изображение 2)
Loads of plausible weapons - Kenshi мод (изображение 3)
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Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет в игру в основном историческое или правдоподобное оружие.

Description in English

Mostly historical or plausible weapons.

Two handed long Falchion

It is a falchion with a german longsword hilt style and it is quite large. Righ now it is craftable and there is an alternate holy sword start for it.

Nagamaki type 1

It is a nagamaki that has a slightly wider blade towards the tip and is very huge, it use the katana skill but your character will wield it as a polearm. It currently has a holy sword alternate start and is craftable.

War Ak’Ar

Ak’Ar are the traditional style of sword of the Vha’axs, a people from Hett, wich is a continent in a story I’m writing. It is called War Ak’Ar, because it is built on the dimension of a War sword, wich are the bigest longsword, they were mainly meant for the battle field since their size made them harder to draw from the scabbard and it also made them quite anoying when walking in crowded or narrow area. This sword is craftable and it also has an alternate holy sword start.


The montante is a greatsword, some may call it zweihander, espadon, passot, etc.. Right now it has like all the other weapons an alternate holy sword start, it is craftable. Now both the polearm and regular sword version are implemented, the polearm version does a bit less dammage but is easier to control, having better attack, defence and indoor bonus, but lower cut and blunt dammage as well a some other small variations.


The pertuisane is a polearm very similar to a regulare spear, but it usualy have 2 smale spike or blade on the side of its head and is made to be able to cut a little better than a normal spear. There is a lot of variations in the blade of a pertuisane, some are even flamberge. It has a start like the other weapons and is craftable.

Executioner Sword

Those swords are made with the sole purpose of chopping head of without effort. All is in the edge for those swords, their point is even rounded and sometime they do not even have a guard. For a sword they are what could be classified as an ultimate cutter.Those sword are not made to fight, they are super unwieldy, their edge tend to be to narrow to really sustain blow from other sword for an extended duration and would be quite stupid to carry into battle. This sword is classified as an heavy weapon. It has an alternate holy sword start like all other weapons and it also is craftable.


Highlander big sword. This is a type of greatsword, with a slightly shorter and slightly wider blade, it also has a fairly simple guard and hilt in most exemple, greatly differenciating it from most other type of greatsword. Its shorter wider blade doesn’t bounce and vibrate as much as most greatsword, making it a bit easier to cut with. The width of the blade also make to cut a bit more efficient, even for an experienced user. It has its start and it is craftable. The accent on the »o» can’t be put in the game or the game folder, since it make the sword go invisible or cause othe buggs. For now blue prints and swords can be found at The Hub.

Two handed falx

This is a large foward curved sword with a very long handle. It is a devastating weapon, but it is very hard to parry with it and it doesn’t have a guard so be careful.

Uruk Hai cleaver sword

It has a hook, it cleave like a ****, it look brutish as hell, enough said. It is a saber type weapon, as it is not particularly large.

Arming sword type XV

It is an arming sword of the Oakeshott type XV style, but its blade is almost like a type XVIII. That type of sword is insanely agile, it doesn’t cut particularly well but it cut enough and it thrust like a ****. It has a bit more reach than a katana even if it is a one handed sword, since arming sword were actually longer and lighter than katana.

The current Nagamaki is classed as a katana in game but is wielded like a polearm, I may had some more that will be classed as polearms.

Right now I plan on making 2 other models of falchions, 1 more model of falx, multiples actual longswords, some messers and some fantazy but still believable weapons.

It may take time before I add new weapons, as today I’m resuming my work on some real swords I’m making in a forge I made in my backyard as well as I’m starting to get the materials for my 13-14th centy Rus armor set that I will build, since I just completed my research after about 4 months. Update on that: I made the armor way to heavy, because I’m to dumb to read my own notes and made every part as thick as the thickest part (it weight about 40kg, it should be 20 to 24kg). So now I have to start again, wich is a shame cuz it looked good, was relatively well fitted and moved well.

If you have an idea, just tell me, I’m not just going to make european stuff, it is only what I know the best.

English is not my first language, but I should still be able to put decent descriptions without problem.

The updates are inconsistent, because I’m addicted to CKII. I would try to justify with school, work and snowboard, but lets be honest, even with only that I would still have time.

For other moders

If anyone want to use my mod in their own go for it, I’m unreliable anyway. If anyone is not at ease with my steam username meaning Bigg Peni*s, you can credit me as TetraQuarks, Nathan (my first name), Noble Seigneur (my name in most game cuz I’m so modest) or just link this mod.

Steam ID: 965899187.

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