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Автор: WoodenApplepie
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Описание на русском языке

Вы ненавидите неровные стены и здания? Задумывались ли вы, почему в самых больших поселениях в Кенши имеется до четырех баров и множество различных торговых центров, но почти нет жилых зданий? Вы уже спрашивали себя, как такой город как Безродный (Mongrel), застрявший посреди островов тумана (Fog Islands), смог выжить без какого-либо источника пищи? Если эти вопросы вас волнуют, тогда этот мод для вас!

Мод, под названием «Kenshi Architecture Mod» (Архитектурный мод для Кенши), делает так, чтобы каждый город или застава (outpost) в игре были более сбалансированными, чем это представлено в ванильной версии игры. Это подразумевает под собой изменение как общей планировки городов, так и отдельных компонентов, что в итоге сказывается на общем улучшении игрового процесса.

Общие изменения:

  • Добавлено больше жилых домов.
  • Переработаны магазины.
  • Стены в городах были выровнены.
  • Другие изменения, связанные с городами.

Description in English

Official Kenshi Architecture Mod. Whilst this project remains in development stage, expect both minor and major changes.

This mod aims to rebalance every city and outpost in kenshi. from the general layout to the city components, each and every living settlement will be fixed to ensure gameplay realism.

Do you hate uneven walls and buildings? Have you ever wondered why the biggest settlements in Kenshi had up to four bars and tons of different shopping centres, but almost no residential buildings? Did you already ask yourself how the city of Mongrel, stuck in the middle of the Fog Islands, was able to survive without any source of food? If so, K.A.M. is the mod for you!

General Changes

  • Defensives walls have been given a better angle, meaning they are now perpendicular to the land on which they stand.
  • Many residential buildings were added in every city, making them look more like lively settlements.
  • Stores have been rebalanced and relocated according to each faction. For example, if a settlement acts like a trading outpost, civilian shopping buildings were added, while military shops were relocated in another city of the same faction.

What’s New?

  • Reworked Black Scratch, Black Desert City, Heng, and Trader’s Edge. For the next update, expect more props in the last two settlements mentioned before.
  • Major rework on the Holy Nation Outlaws mechanics. Now, HNO guards should not leave the premises of The Hub after fighting off bandits.
  • Fixed a bug where HNO and Trade Ninjaswere fighting each other. The all-out war has finally ended.
  • Minor bug fixes.

The Holy Nation

  • Stack, Bad Teeth, Blister Hill, Okran’s Fist, Holy Military Bases, Holy Farms.

Shek Kingdom

  • Squin, Admag, The Great Fortress, New Kralia.

United Cities

  • Clownsteady, Drifter’s Last, Heng, Brink, Black Scratch, Slave Markets, Slave Farm South.

Tech Hunters

  • World’s End, Mourn, Flats Lagoon, Many waystations (more to come in the future).


  • The Hub, Mongrel, Shark, Spring, Black Desert City, Trader’s Edge, Manhunter Base.

Cannibals (Work In Progress, Expect Changes)

  • Cannibal Capital: renamed »Deadcat Capital», Kenshi’s northernmost outpost can be reclaimed in the name of Deadcat after killing the Grand Wizard. With the help of the Cannibal Hunters, Deadcat will repair the ruined buildings to rebuild their once lovely home. (For the future updates, it will also be possible to reclaim every cannibal town in the name of Deadcat).

What’s Next?

  • Reworking the Northern United Cities.
  • Reworking Deadcat Capital, as some aspects of the override town remain unbalanced. Deadcat Capital 2.0 will have defensive walls and more market stalls to give the player a feeling of living in a civilized and thriving settlement stuck in the middle of a war-torn/barbaric territory.
  • Reworking Deadcat’s fishing village. After all, Deadcat Capital needs a viable source of food to survive.
  • Minor adjustements and bug fixing, thanks to your feedback!


  • Do not use with any mods that modify the settlements’ layout, such as Expanded Cities mods, as it will duplicate every affected building. Every other mods should work fine. Also, if a certain building has been bought before adding KAM to the mod list, it will duplicate both the old and the new building. If a bug occurs, be sure to run KAM alone before sending any feedback.

Change Notes


  • Updated for the new year! Feel free to report any bug to the »Bugs report» section (while running K.A.M. alone, of course). ‘ll post an update in a few weeks with new fixes mostly, and maybe a few addons (but the main objective is to fix the main bugs that are still in place.

Steam ID: 1763791469.

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