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Автор: Tabby
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Описание на русском языке

Мод расширяет мир Кенши, добавляя в него больше разнообразных человеческих подрас! Изменения произошли с каждой фракцией, в которой есть Люди.

Лучше всего данный мод работает вместе с модом Everyone is Scary!

Я сделал этот мод, потому что посчитал, что Зеленоземцы (Greenlander)/Жженоземцы (Scorchlander) выглядят немного тускло в мире Кенши.

Итого, разделив две «первичные расы людей» на четыре, я попытался распространить в мире Кенши любовь Человечества. Старая Империя будет в основном состоять из представителей Imperial Folk, а Святая нация будет в основном состоять из Meadow и Desert Folk!

Description in English

Enhanced Kenshi World with more diverse Human sub-races! Included in every Faction that has Humans, spreading out the visual and performance of NPCs and your own characters! Works best with Everyone is Scary!

I essentially made this mod as I found the whole Greenlander/Scorchlander a bit weird locationally across the world of Kenshi. By cutting the two Primary Races into Four, I’ve spread out the love of Humanity. The Old Empire will be mostly Imperial Folk, and the Holy Nation will be mostly Meadow and Desert Folk!


Meadow Folk

Primarily from farmer cultures, they still tend to be a honest and simple race. Living among many organizations among the known world, they range from servants to great warriors. The worst of them live in ignorance, knowing only greed and fear, reacting to anything different with hatred and violence, but the best of them are some of the greatest civilised heroes in the land.

  • + Strength, Farming, Cooking, Labouring.
  • — Thievery, Stealth.

Desert Folk

Hailing from the Desert, these hardy people lived for most of their recorded history under siege from Cannibals. Because of this, they have a highly defensive ethic that is rigidly enforced by their potent religions. Using their hands for crafting tough structures and healing their allies, most are welcomed into towns with open arms. Despite their capable efforts, they still keep Science at a distance and at best regard Skeletons as monsters — at worst, demons.

  • + Toughness, Engineering, Medic, Defense
  • — Science, Farming

Coastal Folk

Living along and on the high seas of the known world, Coastal Folk tend to value personal freedoms above all else. They don’t tend to get along well with rules, regulations and religions, and as a result have a reputation as social misfits and are often found in more adventurous professions. Despite this however, they are highly creative making them natural born traders and skilled pirates. Having thirfty fingers, one knows to always watch one when they’re in town shops.

  • + Dexterity, Stealth, Thievery, Swimming.
  • — Engineering, Medic.

Imperial Folk

Disciplined and taught to master themselves at a young age, the Imperial Folk are a proud race of long taled lineages and court intrigue. As the spine of the Old Empire, these martial soldiers of people view life in a different perspective than most others. Taking respect and honor to a whole new level, one should always know that they take their ambitions personally — usually letting nothing stand in their way from their goal.

  • + Dexterity/Strength, Attack, Martial Arts, Science.
  • — Cooking, Labouring.


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Steam ID: 1122768259.

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