Hiver Stat Increase - Kenshi мод

Автор: DeathFromAbove
Hiver Stat Increase - Kenshi мод (изображение 2)

Описание на русском языке

Мод изменяет некоторые характеристики для расы Улья, делая ее сильнее.

Description in English

I made this mod for myself since I am running a small Hiver group. I found in most cases the Hiver would rapidly go down due to a certain body part reaching 0 quicker than some other races.

As such I have modified the following stats for regular and South Hivers:

Hive Soldier Drone

  • Head 100 -> 125.
  • Stomach 100 -> 125.
  • Chest 100 -> 125.
  • Immune to Dustorms because of reasons.

Hive Worker Drone

  • Right Leg 75 -> 80.
  • Right Arm 75 -> 80.
  • Left Arm 75 -> 80.
  • Left Leg 75 -> 80.
  • Head 75 -> 80.
  • Stomach 75 -> 100.
  • Chest 75 -> 100.
  • Crossbow +20%.

Hive Prince

  • Right Leg 75 -> 90.
  • Right Arm 75 -> 90.
  • Left Arm 75 -> 90.
  • Left Leg 75 -> 90.
  • Head 75 -> 90.
  • Stomach 75 -> 100.
  • Chest 75 -> 100.
  • Dexterity +20%.

Due to not being able to use undershirts, the Chest and stomach tend to be the first to go in most battles, I have increased those for all Hiver race subtypes.

Also I gave the Soldier Drone an increase to the head due to not being able to wear helmets.

As for the Prince, I understand he’s not a real «prince» of a hive, but is more of an assassin type. Still increased all stats proportionally and gave him Dexterity+ for quicker affinity with light weapons.

The drone was given Crossbow+ due to their weak nature. Making them more adept for the back line without making them insanely OP.


  • Does not require game import.
  • Will not collide with any mod unless they modify the stats provided.
  • Will apply the same stats to all hivers in the game except the Fogmen (thank god) and the pink ones (I forget their names).
  • Tested this mod for a total of 1000+ hours. Please believe me (a random person you don’t know) it is completely balanced.

Any comments you may have are appreciated.

For the hive!


Steam ID: 929205110.

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