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Автор: DaemonicSpoder
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Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет в игру Kenshi новое существо — Foulhound. Оно является достаточно быстрым и смертоносным. Охотится, в основном, в ночное время суток.

Description in English

Legend of the Foulhound:

«Rumours of a half man, half dog beast spotted in the area of Vain. The beast is noted to have hideous rotting flesh and jerked movements. The beast is classed as hostile, but easily enough distracted for a safe escape. Likely a mutant bone dog from the nearby toxic Tarsands.

— Atticus»

Vain is already home to many wonderful cute and cuddly creatures that just want to devour your intestines. But something stands out from the Gorillos and Gutters…

The Foulhounds are especially dangerous creatures. They may not be as big and tough as a boneyard wolf but they are hyper aggressive. They can come in packs of up to 4 hounds which can easily devour half of a hive village. Their bite will also cause extra bleeding damage if it doesn’t rip your arm off. Though once it does take your arm, there’s a chance that it could just run away with it, leaving you only partially maimed. In the end these are quite stupid creatures, smart adventurers might save a bag of limbs in case they smell something foul…

They’re mostly sleep during the day and hunt at night like other wolves. They’re faster than their cousins and blend into the environment quite well so be careful when heading through vain at night.

They can also spawn dens filled with cute puppies for you to kidnap.


Steam ID: 1882920758.

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