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Автор: Stilldoll
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Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет в Кенши различные новые квесты, а также и другие сопутствующие элементы. Добавлено:

  • Квесты фракции, такие как: уничтожение отдельных фракций, приглашение в другие фракции, приглашение в магазины.
  • Новый NPC: Client (можно найти в баре в любой области).
  • Новые жители (магазины): Tech hunter shop и Trader Ninjas shop.
  • Новое здание: Swamp Dome был добавлен в город Shark.
  • Новые диалоги (разговоры), такие как: поиск работы, получение информации о работе.


18.10.2019 (версия 9):

  • Исправлена проблема, которая могла мешать ванильным диалогам.

Description in English

This mod adds Quest to the faction

  • Added several quests, «Destruction of specific factions, invitation to other factions, invitation to shops».

Added NPC

  • Client

They are staying at the bar in each area.

Residents added

  • Tech hunter shop
  • Trader Ninjas shop

Shops of either Tech Hunter or Trader Ninjas will appear in each area.

Town building added

  • One swamp dome has been added to the Swamp area town Shark.

Added conversation

  • In addition to the «shopping» option in the bar and store clerks, «job search» was added.
  • I added a job conversation to the gatekeeper.
  • I have added conversations about work to some NPCs.

How to Quest

  1. Choose the option «Looking for a job» for the store clerk or shop clerk so that you can start the quest.
  2. Ask for a quest from a gatekeeper or client in a bar.
  3. Report and reward when you complete the quest.

About quest rewards and benefits

  • The reward chooses one from among the three of the relation of money, thing, faction.
  • Items are randomly selected from multiple items.
  • Rare items appear with low probability.
  • The faction’s friendship level is increased by the faction that has completed the quest.
  • The rising value is random.

If relationship with faction goes up, you will be able to request bodyguards, provide funding, and raise relations with other factions. These requests require a Relation.

Feature of quest, attention point

  • There are nine factions that can beg for quests: United Cities, he Holy Nation, Shek Kingdom, Anti-Slavers, Tech Hunters, Mongrel, Deadcat, Flotsam Ninjas, Swampers.
  • There are currently three types of quests: «surrounding enemies, securing human resources, invitation to shops».
  • There is no time limit for missions.
  • You can pause the quest by asking the clerk to «stop searching for work» while receiving the quest. This will keep the quest in progress without treating the quest as a failure. Also, all quest-related conversations stop.
  • The quest works independently in each faction. You can advance a quest simultaneously with multiple factions. Also note that conversations with store clerks are functioning independently in each faction. For example, even if you can receive quests in the city union, you can The quest conversation does not appear if you are not talking to the clerk «looking for a job».
  • Quest completion reports can be made in any town if the faction is the same. (Example) Receive a quest in the city union’s heft, and report completion in the shaubatai etc.
  • Only 2 hours (when in Kenshi) cool time occurs when subscribing to a quest. If the quest is completed within two hours, there will be times when the order can not be reordered.

How to surrounding enemy elimination

Defeat enemy factions designated by faction. The player character says success or failure of the quest success when defeating the enemy. Report to the gatekeeper or client and complete.

  • After defeating enemy factions, the enemy factions targeted for their fall are excluded from quest targets until 6 hours have passed.
  • This quest progresses when the player character speaks.
  • The quest can not be completed if the pet who can not speak last attacked the enemy (Agune and Rei can’t beat but quests can progress).

How to securing human resources

It is a quest that invites you to the town by talking to a faction different from the client who is outside the town. I will follow you when I can persuade the other party so I send it to the town. When you arrive in the town, the recruited personnel change into a town faction and become residents. Report to your gatekeeper or client and you’re done.

  • The opponents who can be convinced are limited to a part.
  • The opponent who can be persuaded changes by the faction who has requested the quest.
  • The successful opponent will come for 12 hours.
  • Depending on your conversation options, your opponent may attack.

However, player factions do not attack in the case of ally.

How to invitation to shops

Enter the town’s tech hunter or ninja merchant’s shop and talk to the clerk and get a bargain job. Talk to the townspeople and invite them to shop. When the resident visits the target store, a conversation occurs between the store clerk and the resident, and it succeeds with «certain probability». Report to your gatekeeper or client and you’re done.

  • Residents who succeeded in persuasion shop for 2 hours.
  • The customers who generate conversations are limited to neutral factions from the tech hunter or ninja merchant.

Additional mods

Steam ID: 1683262694.

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