Faction Inspired Expanded Starts - Kenshi мод

Автор: Benishe323
Faction Inspired Expanded Starts - Kenshi мод (изображение 2)
Faction Inspired Expanded Starts - Kenshi мод (изображение 3)

Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет 8 игровых стартов и новых рекрутов.

Description in English

Adds 8 Game Starts with their own little twists to diversify anyone’s new game experience. Also adds a variety of unique recruits, so far: Sehwon of the South.

Flotsam Refugee

Play as a former Flotsam Ninja who escaped captivity and has reunited with a small group of refugees. Rejoin the Flotsam Ninjas, expand your own faction, and wage war with the Holy Nation.

Shek Warriors

Play as a Shek warrior with some Garru and a bodyguard. Wage war against the Holy Nation, become a trader after getting Garru backpacks, or scour the borderlands of bandit scum.

The Beast Tamer

As a wild recluse who has tamed a number of exotic beasts you find yourself in Vain, although your options for where to go and if you should settle are limitless.

The Holy Servant

Play as a pair of Holy Servants and their bonepup while Okran guides your way. You could always escape from the tyrannical control of the Holy Nation, but the life of an outlaw can be dangerous.

Serial Killer

Wanted for hundreds of murders, arsons, rapes, thefts, and robberies, without even mentioning money laundering, terrorism, and wanton comedy, you must escape from the grip of civilization and hide away in the outlands. Everyone hates you, everyone wants you dead, but the sentiment is happily returned.

The Engineers

Start in World’s End with +50 Relations with the Tech Hunters, a Chief Engieer as your leader, his apprentices, and a squad of Security Spiders you’ve refurbished over the years. A comfortable start with plenty of building materials, money, trade goods, and completed research so that you can settle anywhere.

Imperial Ninjas

You play as a small strike force of Imperial Ninjas, tasked with assassination targets and destroying valuable supply lines in the Holy Nation. Use your resources wisely, train fresh recruits into potential ninjas, and strike at the heart of the Holy Nation.

Wandering Ronin

Leading a small group of companions and a young boneyard wolf through the Swamp and into the Borderlands, you find some meagre refuge in an abandoned outpost.

Steam ID: 943360292.

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