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Автор: spacefiddle
Faction Armor Colors — Better Colormaps - Kenshi мод (изображение 2)
Faction Armor Colors — Better Colormaps - Kenshi мод (изображение 3)
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Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет в игру Кенши новые цветные доспехи (броню). Отличие этого мода от других, изменяющих цвета доспехов, заключается в том, что я переделал (или создал новые) цветовые карты для большей части доспехов в игре, то есть я лично определял, где на доспехах отобразить определенные цвета. Вместо использования обычного «пятна на груди» (как это сделано в большинстве других модах), в этом моде доспехи были полностью окрашены.

Description in English

How is this different than other color mods?

Most of them dye armor using the existing colormaps in the game — a splotch on the chest, a spot on the head.

I have redone (or created new) colormaps for most of the armor in the game — that is, defining WHERE on the armor your colors show. Instead of «splotch on chest,» the entire armor is now colored.

This affects all NPC factions as well — now they look distinct and show their true colors.

I have preserved details like material texture, leather straps, metal rivets, etc. instead of just «dipped in a paint bucket» effect that turns everything to mud.

By default, the Player’s faction colors will be a med-dark Blue primary, and dark Grey secondary. If you like that, you’re done — no need to do anything else.

To make your own custom faction color into anything you want:

  1. Go to your Steam folder, and look in: steamapps/workshop/content/233860. That’s Kenshi’s folder, and it will always be number 233860.
  2. These are all your mods. Look for folder 1831219811. That’s this mod’s folder, and it will always be number 1831219811.
  3. COPY (don’t move!) that folder to: Steam/steamapps/common/Kenshi/mods.
  4. RENAME that numbered folder from 1831219811 to exactly this: Player Faction Armor Color.
  5. Start Kenshi and choose the game editor. Click the button on the right to create a new mod file. You can name this file anything, but it’s easiest if you name it for the colors you want, like RedBlack or GreenWhite or whatever.
  6. Then make sure all 4 files in the top box are checked; make sure Player Faction Armor Color is checked; and the new file you just made is checked AND has the *ACTIVE* next to it.
  7. Once the FCS opens, click Colour Scheme on the left.
  8. Scroll down to NamelessPlayer on the right. Double-click it.
  9. Color 1 is primary, Color 2 is secondary. Click the line, then click the button on the right that appears to open a color chooser palette.
  10. Once you have the two colors you want, close the open windows, SAVE the mod, close the FCS, start Kenshi.
  11. Check Mods list. When you mouseover the file you just made, it should say «Player Faction Armor Color» is a dependency.
  12. Start the game. Bask in your newfound fashion sense.

When this mod updates, you will probably have to once again copy the numbered folder into the Kenshi «mods» folder, replacing the old copy, making sure it’s named Player Faction Armor Color. But your override plugin will still work the same, no changes needed there.

For those who already use the FCS: You can either edit this mod directly and change the colors of the NamelessPlayer color scheme; or, create a new file with this mod as a dependency, and override the colors there. Doing it the latter way means you can make multiple color plug-ins to switch around when you feel like it. It also means you won’t have to remember which colors you chose when this mod updates.

Steam ID: 1831219811.

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