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Автор: saftsuze
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Описание на русском языке

Мод, под названием «Extended Campsite» (Расширенный кемпинг), добавляет в игру новые строения: хранилище (пищевая бочка и склад), столб для пленников, забор и сторожевую башню. Новые здания доступны в меню строительства, в категории «лагерь».

Мод будет полезен тем игрокам, что предпочитают постоянно перемещаться, и которые не хотят строить базу. С этим модом вы сможете добавить простое хранилище и базовые структуры в ваш лагерь, не создавая при этом заставы, которая может быть обнаружена местными властями.

Description in English

Adds storage, prisoner pole and a watchtower to the camping building menu. Useful for the constant roamer who doesn’t want to settle in a base. Now you can add simple storage and basic structures to your campsite without creating an outpost detected by local authorities.

All buildings grouped in Extended Campsite under Camping (I personally use a lot of camping mods, and the camping menu gets cluttered with a lot of buildings. Use arrows to choose available stuff to build).

Campsite Food Barrel

Same as food store, but can store all sorts of food. Even bread. And foul raw meat. One box of building materials needed. You need to research Item Storage to build this. Or you can learn the techniques from the Extended Campsite Instructions blueprint.

(Also: Read about known issues below.)

Campsite Storage

Store anything below this tarp. One box of building materials needed. Needs no research or prior knowledge to build.

Campsite Prisoner Pole

Keep your prisoners chained to this simple pole made from whatever you can find nearby. Free building, just like the campfire, but requires knowledge of Imprisonment or having learned the Extended Campsite Instructions blueprint.

Campsite Watchtower

Build a tower with the latest building technologies from The Swamp. Yes, you can even build some turrets up there. If you still have some iron plates left. Made from iron plates, actually 12 of them. And to build it you need to have some knowledge of Makeshift Walls, or having learned the Extended Campsite Instructions blueprint.

(Also: Read about known issues below.)

Campsite Fence

Fence off vulnerable parts of your campsite. You can’t make a fortified and gated camp, but maybe attackers will choose another side to attack from, where your defenses are stronger? One box of building materials needed per fence. Knowledge of Makeshift Walls needed, or having read the Extended Campsite Instructions blueprint.

The Extended Campsite Instructions blueprint can be found in shops catering travelers and vagabonds.

Known Issues

  • Food Barrel does not auto-feed your squad. This function is tied to being in a base, AFAIK. However, auto-hauling dried meat from your campfire works.
  • The Watchtower is invisible while being built. Works like a charm once it is built, though. So make sure you make a note of where you placed it during the time it takes to build it. I really want to solve this one, but have no clue yet on how to do it.


Steam ID: 1378925271.

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