Everyone is Scary x0.5 - Kenshi мод

Автор: Poppa
Everyone is Scary x0.5 - Kenshi мод (изображение 2)
Everyone is Scary x0.5 - Kenshi мод (изображение 3)
Everyone is Scary x0.5 - Kenshi мод (изображение 4)
Everyone is Scary x0.5 - Kenshi мод (изображение 5)
Everyone is Scary x0.5 - Kenshi мод (изображение 6)

Описание на русском языке

Мод вносит разнообразие в игровой мир, делая различных персонажей действительно уникальными.

Description in English

Let me ask you some questions.

Do you want more diversity in this already beautiful gem of a game?

Are you tired of making a truly unique character, but there’s no chance of someone being as beautiful as you?

Do you wonder why everybody looks similar and you’re the only one who stands out?

Well worry no more! For I have come to the rescue. By listening to the wise words of Shidan I’ve figured out how to mod the files ever so expertly to allow for complete diversity. All those sliders you have played with? Yeah that’s right, the NPCs get to play with them too. Both the bodies and the faces. You will have a truly diverse world where every man/woman/thing you meet is unique.


This should work with every mod on the planet unless it does the same thing as mine. If you have a faction mod, my mod will not apply to the face of that faction, only the body.


Compared to my other mod this one would be. This is basically a light version of my other mod, and they won’t actually look like mutants anymore. On occasion you may find someone who looks really weird, but that’s just life.

Steam ID: 1350614370.

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