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Описание на русском языке

Мод, под названием «deci’s Synths», добавляет в игру пользовательскую новую расу Synth — скелеты, похожие на людей (Зеленоземцев (Greenlanders)), которые могут носить рубашки, ботинки и шлемы!

Их характеристики основаны на расе ванильных скелетов во всех отношениях, кроме внешнего вида и способности носить рубашки и ботинки. Они движутся так же быстро, как и гуманоиды, и могут плавать с половиной скорости Шеков (Shek). Их кровь белая. Их также можно завербовать в барах или найти некоторых представителей в самом мире.

Также мод добавляет в игру несколько пользовательских игровых стартов, но ни один из них не содержит в себе какие-то пользовательских элементов.

Description in English

Play as a Synth, a human looking skeleton. Also wear shirts and boots and helmets!

Now with Synth bar recruits for hire!

I’m a big fan of humanlike androids, cyborgs and synthetic creatures in sci-fi and games and I also wasn’t happy with how Skeletons could not be properly clothed without visual glitches along the way, so I made this quick mod for myself. I was encouraged to upload this, so here you go!

What this does

  • It adds the Synthetics custom race who play like Skeletons and look like Greenlanders.
  • They require Skeleton Repair Beds as regular Skeletons do and have a limb health of 200.
  • Synth stats are based off vanilla skeletons races in all regards but appearance and the ability to equip shirts and boots. They move as fast humanoids do and can swim at half speed like Shek. Their blood is white.

As of Update 7, Scorchlanders and Shek are also represented as Synth subtypes!

As of Update 8, you can find the first Synth NPC in the game world. Hint: It’s a Vanguard Type and likely trying to hide among Shek.

As of Update 9, you can find another Synth NPC in the game world. It’s a Mauler Type and hiding among Swampers.

If you cannot find them, here is a pointer

You can find Ironhide in the Shek cities in Bars. He will show up in Squin if you started in the Hub. His dialogue changes depending on your race and if you have more or less strength than him. A Synth player character will be able to coax some backstory from him.

You can find Severin in Swamper bars. Shark or Mud Town are your best bets! His dialogue changes depending on whether or not you are a Synthetic yourself. There are multiple ways of hiring him. It might be expensive to get him on your side depending on your approach.

So far the NPC has no banter yet. Once I finished putting together the other Synth recruits, I will add to these NPCs. You may need to import your save file to spawn the new NPC.

I added several starts with this mod as well, none of them add custom items

The Engineer and the Synth.

You start with a Synth dressed in cheap gear and a longsword with combat stats set to 10 and athletics set to 30 and a human engineer with generally poor stats except engineering, robotics and science.
Also your buddy carries some valuables that you could sell off… if you survive the Cannibals that is. I should’ve mentioned those first.

Synthetic Awakening

A naked start with no money and an ambiguous backstory.

Wealthy Synth

You start with good relations in the United Cities but you are hostile to the Holy Nation, who have placed a sizable bounty on your head. You start with 100k cats and starter gear, in Heft.

The Odd Couple

You start with two characters. The first is missing his arms and has to locate them in a nearby building, but once equipped is a budding martial artist. The second character is a katana wielding stealth operative. I did not force races on this start in case you want to try it out with other combinations.

Synthetic Slave

You start in a United Cities settlement as a slave. It’s not the cleanest start since slavers don’t have repair kits. If you get beat up too much, your natural healing might not be enough to save you from a crippled state. Peruse at your own risk!

Update: Slavers should now carry basic repair kits and repair your enslaved synth.

The Synthetic Savior

A recently reactivated Synth and his five human followers set out to settle somewhere in peace. You also receive a pack bull with enough materials to kickstart your settlement.

The Titanium Fist

A hermite martial artist starting in empty ruins and surrounded by hostile fauna. You start with less than neutral relations towards the major factions, only the Nomads and Swampers like you well enough.

As this is my first mod, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on whether this race feels alright and whether you enjoyed the starts I made. You can use this custom race with default starts that don’t restrict races as well.

If you want your Synths to not be immediately spotted as skeletons, you can use this mod here: Authorized Robotic Limbs. And you will be treated as a non-skeleton!

As of Update 6, any mod that modifies or overrides slaver inventories and AI packages may conflict with a custom start in this mod. I suggest loading this mod after others that may alter AI packages. You can ignore this entirely if you don’t play the Synth Slave start.

Change Notes

Update 2

Added a fourth start as well as custom bodies for it. Major and Batou should look like in the screenshots provided.Update 3: A lightweight Synth variant was added. It has higher maximum speed, can reposition quicker in combat and swims at full speed. Its durability is lower than normal with 150 limb health. Still more than Shek. Great for hit and run tactics!

Update 4

A tentative United Cities Synth slave start was added. I’ll try to find a way to give UC slavers a way of repairing skeletons, so that your escape attempts aren’t needlessly suicidal.

Update 5

A new start in the spirit of Freedom Seekers was added, called The Synthetic Savior. Right now they start in the Hub, until I can find a more interesting location to drop the group in.

Update 6

The Synth Slave start now works as intended. Hopefully! Slavers will repair the damaged Synth after their mandatory beatings. The Synth Savior group’s tinkerer now has extra science skill for prospecting.

Update 7

Added Mauler and Vanguard subtypes. They represent Scorchlanders and Shek respectively. The Mauler is quick as the Flash Type but also features 150 limb health, the Vanguard is slower than the standard Synth, cannot swim but has 200 limb health again.
Also, a new start, Titanium Fist has been added. A powerful martial artist hermite with slightly damaged relations to major factions, except for Nomads and Swampers.

Update 8

You can now find a new Synth NPC in the world ready for recruitment. This was quite an effort for me, so I hope the dialogue tree is interesting. Options change depending on whether you are a Synth yourself, or if you are a regular race, if you have more strength than the NPC. Good luck!

Update 9

Added a new Synth NPC to the game world. This time it’s a Mauler Type. Enjoy!

Steam ID: 1611254821.

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