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Автор: Kor'thara
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Описание на русском языке

Мод делает так, чтобы различная жидкость в игре (Grog, Bloodrum, Cactus Rum, Water Jugs и Sake) давала питательную ценность.

Description in English

Have you ever been bothered by the fact you can’t drink the liquids you obtained? have you ever wanted to just have a drink instead of eating?

Well today I bring you this relatively simple mod to quench those thirsts!

I modified the properties of the Grog, Bloodrum, Cactus Rum, Water Jugs, and Sake to be food items, I gave them what I thought was reasonable nutritional values for what they were, they may be tweaked in future, but you’ll be pleased to know, water is now a cheap alternative for a quick feed!

  • Does not actually cause death or affects the Water Barrel.
  • Drinks like Grog are nolonger flagged as Narcotics as a result, I can’t have them marked as Food and Narcotics at the same time.


Can you add Buffs and Debuffs??

I’d love to be able to add status effects to food, as I would love for Water to speed healing, Grog to reduce Combat Effectiveness, Sake to boost Morale by increasing the attack modifier, and such, sadly it is not possible, atleast not yet.

Steam ID: 1668982814.

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