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Авторы: ~Ptp, DaelMitchell
Clothing Variants - Kenshi мод (изображение 2)
Clothing Variants - Kenshi мод (изображение 3)
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Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет в игру некоторые предметы, которые могут передать «дух ниндзя». Новые предметы имеют вид перекрашенных/переделанных текстур ванильных предметов, и их можно купить у некоторых торговцев в мире Кенши.

Description in English

Kenshi is a great game, and everything in the base game is amazing! With that said, I wanted to create some more ‘ninja feeling’ items, and so here we are! I’ve recoloured/textured a few items and they can be found in certain shops and on certain NPCs around the map of Kenshi.

This mod is lore friendly so it won’t ruin your gameplay and as for all mods, use at your own risk. Back up save files if needed!

If you use this mod and have the items on your characters, then reload back without the mod, all items from this mod will be lost 🙁

Currently added

  • Monk Robes — Black, White, Black (red belt), White (blue belt).
  • Armoured Rags — Black, White.
  • Armoured Rag Skirts — Black, White.
  • Armored Plate Mask — Black, Gold.
  • Plated Longboots — Black, White, Gold.
  • Plate Jacket — White, Acid, Gold.
  • Sandles — Black.
  • Iron Hat — Black.
  • Rattan Hat — Black, White, Gold.
  • Hiver Flesh Shirt.
  • Ninja Mask — White.
  • Side-angle Hachigane — Black, White, Gold.
  • Paladin’s Hachigane — Black, White, Gold.
  • Hachigane — Black, White, Gold.
  • Dustcoat — White, RedStriped.
  • Leather Armor Set — Black (boots), Lighter.
  • Spiked Helmet — Black.

Items can be bought from clothing/armor stores or found on certain NPCs (holy priests).

Any bugs, requests, cc, anything, just let me know below! 🙂

Steam ID: 1101962771.

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