Classic Bandits - Kenshi мод

Автор: Inflectus

Описание на русском языке

Мод несколько усиливает пыльных бандитов (Dust Bandits).

Description in English

This mod, which is hardly a mod, aims to re-brand the Dust Bandits into their former glory in the old map. They have been made slightly weaker (though not as weak as they were back then, for balancing purposes) and now spawn with a variety of gear, as opposed to the cookie-cutter heart protector, samurai boots, armoured rags and spiky helmet.

The only reason I did this was the sheer blandness of the current dust bandits. I wanted them to have a bit more variety, like they did with the old world.

Additionally, sand ninjas are re-introduced to the game in their former glory (the only addition being that they will now spawn wearing ninja masks and in groups, not jounin separate from the standard ninjas). Additionally, their weapons manufacturers have been adjusted (sand ninjas will use ancient blades, jounin will use catun) to accommodate balance.


I don’t intend to update this mod any further, and have simply carried over aspects of the old Kenshi to this one. It’s purely for the purpose of nostalgia, and can be considered a slight re-balance. If I am to ever update it, I would be re-implementing the Black Dragon Extortionists, but since the game already seems to already be working on that I might leave it be. Enjoy!

Steam ID: 966457591.

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