City/Town AI Rework - Kenshi мод

Автор: Doomsday2233

Описание на русском языке

Мод вносит изменения в ИИ торговцев и горожан (исходники ИИ взяты с моего заброшенного проекта: Kenshi Reworked), и теперь все они смогут посещать магазины и покупать там товары.

Description in English

I noticed that people have been wanting better AI in the game and that mods are out there that do so, but dont fully get things running.

So here is a small mod for all of you, im using some of my old AI precepts from Kenshi Reworked and am using those to rework the AI.

New custom AI parameters added into every shopkeeper and citizen type in the game, so now everyone can shop, I dont know if I will work on this further but here you go.

One other note, after I have finished this semesters classes I will begin a new conversion of Kenshi Reworked and redo it from the ground up, using its previous parameters. Hope you enjoy.

Also send me bug reports and issues, I might just fix them after you post.

Steam ID: 912687709.

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