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Автор: Tabby
Children of the Stars! Race Mod - Kenshi мод (изображение 2)
Children of the Stars! Race Mod - Kenshi мод (изображение 3)
Children of the Stars! Race Mod - Kenshi мод (изображение 4)
Children of the Stars! Race Mod - Kenshi мод (изображение 5)

Описание на русском языке

Мод добавляет новую игровую расу «The Estrel», новый город «Splinter» и два новых игровых старта: «The Blessed Star» и «Wanderer from Splinter».

Description in English

New Race: The Estrel

Crashing into the planet in a fiery display, their cryogenic space vessel collided with the ocean and sunk to its’ depths. As the strange race awoke, their pods adapted them to their surroundings and allowed them to live there for some time before making contact with the other races of the West. Beautiful and ominous in appearance from their mutation, the Holy Nation takes these individuals as Angels from Okran, accepting the naive foreigners even unto their ranks.

They are rather small statured and have a lithe build, granting them a quick and agile frame. Because of their very adaptable body type, they are also able to toughen their skin quicker to stimuli. They are also adept at swimming, far greater than the others. Being quick-witted, they are masterful at learning, as well as having a good read on opponents. Despite their graces, they aren’t very durable, however, having a more frail body than the average human. But even in their smaller and less imposing state, these kind mystics have a birthright unlike their neighbors — Their bodies collect from the sunlight, boosting their healing ability and enabling their bodies to self-restore when other means of rest aren’t an option. This boon, alone, makes this race highly survivable and living to a long age.

New Town: Splinter

This town is in the midst of the Holy Nation as they were allowed construction of their own town, on the promise that they all convert to the Light of Okran. After little deliberation, the naive race of people gave in to the Holy Nation and is even considered equals in faith and love. A Temple has been erected, despite the few bars that draw in the travelers. Few shops have set up, but most are just happy to have place to call their own — Willing slaves of the military or not.

New Start: The Blessed Star

You are one of the Archons — A Blessed Star among the Children of the Star, the blessed gathering that follows after the Holy Nation’s devotion to the Great God of Light, Okran. Guide your mighty fist across the land with the help of your bretherenand destroy the Darkness that has gathered! Tasked with 2 other soldiers, you are given to your destiny.

New Start: Wanderer from Splinter

Essentially, just a new Wanderer start with no bonuses. Your location will be that of the new city of Splinter, the homecity of the Estrel — For now!

Steam ID: 909618539.

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