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Text version of the guide «All about killboxes in RimWorld — why are they needed, their varieties, how to build» (automatically created subtitles)

What is going on guys it’s jr. and I’m here with another rimworld video of a rim road guide to kill boxes me personally I’ve never really used kill boxes so when I discovered to kill boxes and how many different types there were and I started building my own and testing them I actually just wanted to make a video about them because I felt like it would benefit me and those watching so anyways guys we’re gonna go ahead and get started into your introduction to the kill boxes what they are the different types and what you really need to use for them one of the problems of the normal defenses are the turrets now not only is the smaller turret the most affordable one not really good enough in range as Raiders can pick them off with sniper rifles and long-range weapons but as you go a higher up in the tiers of turrets they also get kind of costly and also if you’re getting rated by a hundred Raiders at once in the late-game it you’re not really going to be using you know a kajillion turrets because that would use so much power but as you can see on this chart each turret is different in range but the most affordable one is the smaller one and it only shoots off a burst not enough firepower to take out a group of twenty to thirty Raiders now I’m not saying at all that turrets are useless but kill boxes are way more effective and more resource conserving there are four advantages to kill boxes one of them being is that it acts as an ambush as Raiders are slowly filed into your kill box either slowed down they will automatically be shot down by your own colonists or turrets number two is you could put turrets in a kill box so that enemies are within range and within shooting distance of the turrets so that your turrets can be more effectively used instead of being out in the wide open and number three is that your enemies have like of cover when they do enter the kill box most likely if you have a kill box it either slows down enemies.

And there is a wide open space or there’s lack of cover for the enemies like I just said and number four is it’s the most effective way to defeat most raids now the only raid I can think of that would not super would not be super effective would be if you got attacked by mechanoids and you had a wooden kill box on the white wood but just saying but making a effective kill box will protect yourself against all types of raids now to the actual kill box design itself usually people want to double wall their kill boxes due to the excessive gunfire and explosions you know one single layer of your wall will deteriorate or be destroyed quickly with the excessive gunfire and explosions but double walling adds that extra layer of protection the next thing is your entry ways you want to keep your entry ways wide and short if they are long and narrow Raiders will stay in them and use them as cover also keeping your corridors too long Raiders will turn away from it and go to somewhere else seeing it as a waste of time if they do go down that long pathway now there are two types of entry ways usually you have a sandbag maze which slows Raiders down which is recommended when you want to use heat tactics to kill your Raiders or you had the deadfall trap maze which usually is a long pathway or like I said a maze where.

You know Raiders can go through and be killed by the traps now on to the equipment if you use colonists use high DPS or rpm weapons many guns are suggested because of DPS and rpm grenades are recommended as well as Splash Damage weapons but to avoid friendly fire focus them in an area don’t use long-range weapons inside the box instead use them outside the box to pick off survivors also have a melee colonist in case the defences are broken through if you ever do used hurts inside your kill box gift hurts their own cover and place them in front of your colonists cover to be distractions against higher-level raids such as mechanoids.

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